Over the Hill

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Over the hill and far away,
I’ve finally turned old.
At the ripe age of twenty-five,
I feel like I am twelve.

But then again, at other times,
I think I am sixty.
So with that thought in my mind,
Age is but a number.

Thanks to Helena, I’ve been in a poetry writing mood. Kudos to those who knows what a tetrameter, trimeter, and ballad stanza (minus the rhyming) are! *sheds off her English major mode*

Anyway, my break is going well. I’ve enjoyed my last few days of being twenty-four, and I’ve reluctantly accepted I am twenty-five now. I try to convince myself that age is nothing but a number, but that’s proving to be futile. With that said, time for a recap on what I’ve been doing on my vacation so far, along with the obligatory “I’m freaking old” birthday post.

January 16 — Saturday
* After work, I went to meet my co-worker, and we drove around looking for a place to eat.
* We got stuck in this back road for about twenty minutes as Itaewon traffic attacked us.
* In the end, we didn’t find a place and went home, where I was asked by my mother why I run around so late. ~_~;;

January 17 — Sunday
* Went to the PX to stock up on various supplies.
* Spent twenty minutes in the bedding aisle debating on getting new sheets. In the end, I chose to get this awesome soft blue blanket!
* Then I spent about thirty minutes in the hygiene products section, sniffing and reading deodorants, shampoos, and conditioners.
* Went to my co-worker’s house, who gave me free food, and I gave her lessons on how to do stuff on her laptop.
* Decided to sign up for another prompt at Ginger Lust; my assignment will be a “fanpoem”.

January 18 — Monday
* I stayed up until 5:00 am writing and completing the rough draft of the “fanpoem”. I eventually submitted it later.
* Woke up feeling very wonky.
* Finally received confirmation from Daddy that my 2009 Income Tax Return is all correct.
* Stayed home on the PC, listening to Korean songs I liked in my secondary education years.

January 19 — Tuesday
* Dun, dun, dun! I, er, woke up late. I woke up at 10:42 am, and I had to meet a friend at 11:00. Woops? Luckily, I made it to my destination by 11:15! Go me!
* My friend and I went on base, and I visited my former high school. I talked to several people.
* We stopped by Dragon, and I saw my Dragon buddy!
* We decided to head to Namdaemun to look for something and failed rather miserably.
* Then we stopped by my house, where I dropped my friend’s gift off, introduced her to my family, and grabbed an umbrella before leaving.
* Had a lovely dinner at Petra where we had Labaneh with minced lamb meat, chicken kebab, and Petra’s chicken special. Stupid me forgot to take a picture. Senility kicking in early!
* Finally, we hung around at Hell Beans and talked, talked, talked! When we left, it was raining. That umbrella came in handy.

Birthday Gifts
What’s a birthday without gifts, right? Every year, I am surprised by what I receive, and it really makes me happy to see I have so many loving people all over the globe!

From my friend A, I received the lion hat and a card; from my friends J and M, I received this awesome music-themed pen thingie and a notebook to write in (my inner music-nerd loved this).

A closer look at the pen! Like I said, I am such music geek! Squee!

And this (along with the hat) made the Harry Potter fangirl inside of me giggle like crazy. See, Ronald Weasley really isn’t one of my favourite characters, but I still write about him a lot. Remember that fine line between love and hate? I guess that sort of applies to me with Ron! XD

Other gifts I received:

* $25 Amazon gift certificate from my best friend in Guam.
* A phone call from my best friend in Guam.
* A phone call from my good friend in California. (Two international calls? I feel extremely loved!)
* A phone call from my best friend’s auntie here, where she serenaded me on the phone.
* 50,000 won each from my mummy and auntie.
* A bunch of birthday wishes from many people across the net!
* A cellphone from Daddy (Hopefully? I just have to figure out some kinks in the cellphone registering process. Darn Korea and their darn restrictive laws against foreigners!)

Like I said, I feel loved. Really. I do. Despite people backstabbing me in the past, despite all the nastiness I’ve encountered from my fellow humankind, a special day like this always reminds me that not everyone are pigheaded jerkwads as I think they are :)

Thank you, everyone! You have my love, respect, and loyalty!


  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a good day XD You got some awesome gifts, like that lion hat! It’s so cute! The fountain pen is pretty too, and I love how it’s music themed. Hope you enjoy the rest of your days off!

  2. The music-themed pen thingie = <3! Is it a fountain pen also? I need to get one of them!

  3. Happy, happy birthday, Tara! I’m glad to hear it’s been a good one so far! :) What an awesome musical pen. :D I’ve always loved the way the treble clef swoops.

  4. Great poem :D I knew, I’m an English major too!

    Happy birthday, and your gifts are great too :)

  5. I’m so glad that you had a good birthday! I remember the night when you stayed up so late working on the poem. x3 It was a really nice poem.

    ^^ I really like your poem up top!

  6. LMAO, awww, Ron being inside your card made me squee, too! Love how he’s asking you not to hate him. XD;

    And the lion hat is WAY TOO ADORABLE. It reminds me of Luna’s Gryffindor hat, bwahaha — But hey, I thought you didn’t like wearing craz-ayyy hats? =O

  7. Ha ha I love your lion!! Yay Harry Potter!

  8. Happy 25! You are now a QUARTER. Fun, fun :)

  9. Sounds like you had a great birthday! And I must say, that is the coolest pen ever!

  10. awwwwwwwesome hat! and happy belated!!!

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