Winter Vacation 2010 Start!

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I’ll be off work starting now until the 24th. Time to party it up! Like last year, I decided to take some days off in conjunction with my birthday (which will happen on the 19th), so I’ll be relaxing. I have some tentative plans with a few people, but at the moment it looks like a lot of it won’t really pull through. I don’t care, though. I have plenty of other stuff to do that I can do by myself. But if I can hang out with a few people, I’ll be happy.

I just hope my mother doesn’t piss me off during my break, though. My vacation already started off on a sour note. After work, I met up with a friend, and we hung around for a bit, and I came home before 10:00 pm, around 9:50ish. I saw my mum, greeted her, and she retorted, “Do you always run around so late?”

. . . Jeebus. First off all, I consider late any time after 12:00 am. Second of all, I’m not the type to always come home late. I’m most definitely not the type to stay out all night (though I’d like to once in a while to hang out with friends at a 24-hour coffee place or McDonald’s), and even if I did stay out, I’m not the type to get drunk and meander around with random guys in Itaewon!

Lastly, I’m turning 25. I am not 16 any more! She stays out later than I do most of the times, and she has the nerve to say that kind of crap to me? I know life’s unfair, but this is not unfair. This is illogical and stupid!

*growls and chants a mantra* I will not let my mother ruin my vacation. I will not let my mother ruin my vacation.


  1. That’s why I’ve (sort of) moved out – parents can’t say anything about what I do at what time, because they just don’t know.

    Not that I go out often. Or ever. (Although I did go out most weekends, abroad.) I think you should stay out until 3am on your birthday, just to show her. ;)

    P.S. Happy early birthday! Have a great vacation.

  2. Haha Ducklands?!

    I know what you mean about parents and lateness. My parents used to do that to me a lot but then after turning up at 3am multiple times they gave up and think they realised I’m not longer 15 and that I am responsible. Sometimes I stay over at someone else’s house to make it easier instead of waking people up when I open the door at 4 in the morning.

    I hope you have a wonderful break though and that the start was a one off thing. That makes 3 people I know who have their Birthdays on the 19th!

  3. Happy birthday for the 19th, Tara!

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation. I do always enjoy your write-ups about what you got up to on your days off, and this one will be no different :).

  4. Daniella on

    My comments seem to have a mind of their own. I’ve deactivated every plugin associated with comments, and still, they hate me. This is getting ridiculous, so I apologize, lol.

    What? Since when is 10 o’clock even remotely late? That’s a bit much. And when you’re an adult… I’d get frustrated with that. But at least your mother cares, lol. My mom kicks me out of the house when I come home for too long, lol. It’s tough love apparently. I need to “experience all the world has to offer.” I think she just likes having the house to herself :/

    Happy early birthday!

  5. My mom used to worry when my sister and I weren’t home by 10pm and would start calling us like crazy to come home, but over the years, she grew more and more tolerant. Now she doesn’t even bother to call us and we usually come home around 1am. She knows who my friends are now, like she actually knows their names and what school they go to and what they want to do in life now rather than before when it was just “that one Chinese girl”.

    So maybe if you talk about your friends around your mom in a good way, maybe she’ll start to know who you hang out with and tolerate you hanging out more? Well, I guess I have it easier since I’m not the oldest. My parents were super strict with my older sister. She didn’t get to hang out so late until she was around your age, and now they are relaxing the rules.


  7. It really is a pain when people steal my stuff. :( I totally understand where you’re coming from but I like having tutorials and graphics so I guess that’s my risk – I think it’s pretty stupid to take a blog altogether, though. O_O!!

    Thank you. :) I don’t mind having an iPhone; I quite like apple products and the iPhone is really my kind of phone. :)

    I think it was extremely silly of your mother to get annoyed at you staying out late. You’re mature and responsible and she should be able to trust that you definitely won’t do anything irresponsible, and even so, 10pm is not that late. I had to stay out till 1am once, because I had seen an opera in the city. Naturally my mum gets worried if I stay out late, but if there is a valid reason or if I’m just chilling, she won’t rage about it.

    Your mum should not ruin your vacation at all!

  8. It always bothers me that parents always seem to know what to say to drive you up a wall. It’s usually my dad for me. He likes to say straight-up rude comments and then pretend like he didn’t. -_- That man.

  9. Aw, I hope your vacation goes well and that your fears are for nothing!

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