The Days After the Snow Days

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I’m surviving the snow. I’ll admit; it’s not fun walking out in the snow without snowshoes or boots. Plus, the slippery ice are not fun. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve almost fallen! I’m just glad I haven’t . . . yet. I’ve probably jinxed myself now.

The last few days were pretty interesting. I spent a vast majority of it hanging out with my two friends who are visiting from the states. Thanks to them, I’ve managed to see and do some neat things. Also include being narcissistic and materialistic, and that pretty much defines the last few days!

Wacky Friends Adventure

Yes, these are my two wacky friends. They, er, needed some warm hats, so they opted to buy those. They wanted to get me one, too, but I repeatedly told them that I dislike wearing hats! It’s a good thing I drew the line there. One of them wanted to get me a Pikachu hat. ~_~;;

Anyway, I took a picture of them in front of this gorgeous fountain between Namdaemun Market and Myeong-dong area. Well, I don’t think it’s usually this pretty, but they managed to beautify it for the holidays, or so I assume. Along with the fountain, we saw a Woori Bank decorating their tower with the tiger wishing everyone a Happy New Year, some more pretty lights decorations, and an ice sculpture!

New Glasses for the New Decade
Last week, before New Year’s eve, I bought new glasses for myself. Let’s just say they are quite an adjustment. ~_~;; At least they aren’t bifocals. Anyway, me being very narcissistic, here are some pictures of me modelling the new glasses.

Anne Frank Stash (with 12 Angry Men)

So my first Amazon order (sort of — my replacement copy of The NeverEnding Story DVD came before it) came and these are my gems:

* The Diary of Anne Frank: The Revised Critical Edition (Hardcover)
* Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife (Hardcover)
* The Diary of Anne Frank (As Seen On BBC)
* 12 Angry Men (50th Anniversary Edition)

Yes, I’m a Holocaust aficionado, but I obsess the most on anything dealing with Anne Frank. I do have a copy of her diary, but for the last year or so, I’ve been eyeing that critical edition. It’s pricey, but it will be worth it. However, I wasn’t expecting that book to be a monstrosity in terms of size. It’s a textbook! I feel like I’m back in school. That’s a good feeling.

So far my year is off to an interesting start. I’m happy.

. . . But I should sleep instead of blogging at two in the bloody morning!


  1. Oooohh pretty lights and ice sculpture! Now I want to visit Korea even more…

  2. LMAO, uh oh — I feel a little awkward now, as I often wear this hat of mine in the winter: ((Insanely old photo, but the hat’s still the same, haha))

    And things are gonna get even more awkward when I admit that I ADORE the idea of a Pikachu hat. o__o; Oh, dear.

    And y’know what else I adore …? All those gorgeous lights. And the ice sculpture. *_* My God, I could stare at them forever … As it is I keep re-clicking on all the thumbnails! ^___^

  3. i have never touchy snow :(
    wish to have a white Christmas if i can afford it one day…

  4. OMG!! Look at that Stitch hat!! hahaha! I miss you my love! Can’t wait till I see you in April ^^

  5. Daniella on

    Aww I love stitch, he is such a feisty devil. A pikachu hat would have been fun, even if just for a joke, lol. But I probably wouldn’t have worn it either. :/

    And I’ve never seen buildings decked out so much with lights. A tiger on the side of a building, very fancy!

  6. I can’t find myself to be interested in Anne Frank. It might be that I don’t want to know the gruesome and depressing details of her life considering my life, although nothing compared to hers, is quite depressing already and reading it would not help my situation at all.

  7. You could have light hair, though! All you gotta do is go get your hair professionally bleached, toned, and then coloured the shade you wish! =3; Aww, too bad you didn’t live in Ontario — My Mum’s an awesome hair colourist. She’d totally get your hair the way you want it. ;__;

    Oh, and that picture of me with light hair is actually super old. XD; Not sure if you meant this or not … o_o; Just didn’t want any confusionzz. xP

  8. Your grin makes me grin. :D The glasses look great though – very subtle, too. :)

    I personally do not think a Pikachu hat would suit you. As cute as Pikachu is and as cute as a Pikachu hat might sound, or look. :P

    The ice sculpture (I have trouble typing that…) reminds me of a little place I went to up on the coast called “Ice World”. It was a rather small place but everything was made of ice. There was an ice throne, palace, castle, and other fancy stuff. I was 11 when I went there and I liked it. :P

    I read The Diary Of Anne Frank when I was 11. It was so hard to understand and quite deep and shocking. It sort of scared me back then. o_o

    It definitely is mind boggling – I always have to remind everyone that we have Christmas in SUMMER, KTHNX! XD

    Aww, concert band. I was going to join a concert band but instead I went in percussion and rock bands. O_o

  9. Taversia on

    Hehehe, those glasses look *really* cute on you, Tara~! ^___^ <3

  10. Lots of fun pictures!! Where to even begin…let’s start with the glasses. Cute! They’re subtle. I didn’t even realize you had them on for a second until I read the caption with it! My glasses are kind of thick…and they’re brown, with a design. Not so subtle, but I’m getting new ones this year, too! :) Hoorah for new spectacles!

    And… The Diary of Anne Frank and all that goes along with it, sigh. It’s so sad and remarkable all at once. My mom actually visited the house where the Franks were kept while she was in Europe. They still have some of the original things in place like the drawings Anne did on the walls. She said it was so hard to see how small and compact it was. When did you originally get interested in the Anne Frank history?

    Hope you’re having a good 2010!

  11. I hate the snow too! Can’t understand why some people get so ecited :) Great photos, and happy 2010!

  12. I know we don’t always see eye to eye on a lot of stuff and there’s even a rough spot between us, but I just want to say that the glasses were a good choice. They make you look beautiful and smarter!

    A pikachu hat? ROFL. I’m glad you said no to that one. haha. I can’t picture myself in hats. I guess I was never good looking in hats. But anyways, the snow decorations are awesome.

  13. Aw, too bad you didn’t get the pikachu hat!

    And, personally, I think WWII is a fascinating war. The only problem with it is that I think too much attention is paid to it. I’m not sure if it’s just in American schools, but WWI, Vietnam, etc are just breezed over, but WWII has it’s only chapter and such. Sure, it, was awful, but shouldn’t we look at other things in such depth?

    Happy Reading!

  14. I thought I commented on this already, but apparently not, lol. I would totally buy a Pikachu hat though XD

    The decorations are so pretty! I think it’s cool that they got such a big tiger decoration for the side of the building. Must suck for the people whose window got blocked by it though, haha.

    And yay for new glasses! I used to have ones just like that. I’ve changed to thick emo ones though XD

  15. I’m not wacky! Altho.. Michelle is….

  16. Snow is SO FUN! Well, especially when it’s wet and snowing. Did you have a snowball fight or three? Our snow is so dry that it’s hard to do that, so I haven’t gotten anyone involved in one… yet!

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