Snow Day 2010

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Seoul’s been getting a lot of visits from Jack Frost lately. The last time it snowed so much to the point of having a work and school cancelled was in February 2006. Back then, I had no idea it snowed, so to hear my employer tell me to not come in to work was surprising.

Today, the same thing sort of happened. I knew it had snow a little last night, but I didn’t expect it to snow this much and still remain snowing. Here’s a good reason why I should never talk on the phone upon waking up:

Supervisor: Tara, don’t come to work today because the road conditions are red.
TC: Huh? Why?
S: Have you looked outside?
TC: No. *climbs out of bed and stumbles to the window* HOLY SHIT.
S: *laughs*

So yay for an extension on my three-day weekend, which is now four-day! Good thing, too. I had horrible insomnia last night.

ETA: Today’s snow is the largest snowfall since 1937.

ETA 2: Snow day has extended for another day. Now it’s a five-day weekend. Yippee!


  1. Jessica on

    Yay! Hurrays for four-day weekends! x3 I start school back on the 13th. My beautiful month long break will be over and it’ll be back to knowledge learnin’ for me.

    And the snow look beautiful!

  2. Aah, I wish I had a snow day! Unfortunately, there’s no way it’d snow that much here. I’m really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow =( Enjoy your 4-day weekend!

  3. Wryyyyyyy it doesnt snow here :(
    I envy ya sooo much! (And for the day off work too, gah!)

  4. Hey! Just browsing around and found your site. I love the banner!
    Snow day? Not fair! It snows often here. We get the four seasons in this part of the USA. Seoul? As in Seoul, South Korea? (well of course, I don’t know of another city named Seoul). It’s just that I was born there! Though I’m adopted. ;) I went back with my parents to visit my aunt who was stationed there with her husband. We stopped in Japan too… Anyway, just random thought. lol. Again, great site!

  5. Haha I would love a snow day from work and school but I’m currently on winterbreak from college and even if it did snow, it would melt a few hours after, allowing kids and adults, without their happiness, to go back to work. Hope you have a great extended weekend.

  6. So much snow dump!! My area had record breaking snow too! It’s a crazy winter!

  7. Haha, time to invest in some coloured pencils!

    I loooove rolling down hills. It’s so enjoyable. :3

    A five day weekend! Oh gosh, you are super lucky. I guess the snow might be a bit of a hassle but at least it’s a good thing for you! I went back to work this week and I really haven’t been in the mood. T_T

    I can’t believe you haven’t had that much snow since 1937. Amazing. :O It’s looking so wonderful though, maybe because we don’t have it here!

  8. Oh yay snow! Though there’s even more snow in Finland right now :P But that’s beside the point. Go and make some snow angels!

  9. Living in California, I’ve never really had weather affect my life!!! I’m so jealous because it must be exciting!

  10. Yay!!! For snow day, I am up north at the mo so haven’t seen much but my husband is in our house down south and it is crazy!!

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