2009 Review

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

My last entry for 2009! I can’t believe this year had gone by so fast! A new decade will be here, and that’s kind of a scary thought. I remember back in 1999 when everyone was afraid of the Y2K and the whole “Apocalypse is coming” paranoia. In two years, we’ll go through the same thing with 2012 . . . which I find it all ridiculous. XD Much like the whole Y2K situation.

Well, to end the year with a bang (blogging-wise), here’s my annual review, highlighting all the events in my mundane life. It’s funny. I claim to be a rather boring person, but whenever I do this kind of entry, I realise that a lot has had happened to me. Then again, a lot can happen in a day, much less a year. I wish everyone a wonderful new year, and I’ll see you all in 2010!

* Had fun sharing these cross-dressing Japanese boys video clips from Youtube.
* Updated Aigoo-Chamna.net with a new layout, version 23!
* Talked on the phone for the first time with the birth mum.
* Started a mini-vacation over my birthday weekend, where a lot of it was spent at the ENT clinic. My poor nose and ears!
* Had a couple of nice snow days (two inches) and it was pretty.
* Said farewell to Praxis and hello to Provo (my computers).
* Did my income tax and hated the process as usual.
* Finally fixed working on Prismatic, my Tokyo Trip website, which I had started in June 2008.

* Met my birth mum for the first time in person.
* Was struck with the travelling bug. I wanted to get out of Korea for a week or so!
* Watched the anime version of Antique Bakery and enjoyed it!
* Had an animes/mangas organisation day. I tried to compile all the animanga stuff I’ve read/watched over the years on a couple of sites, along with video games.
* Also completed Junjou Romantica anime series.
* Provo acted funny but then it started to work . . . again.

* This was around the time when work started to become very unpleasant.
* Signed up for the AS/S Fest.
* Received a yaoi Ron/Draco doujinshi from an online friend in China, which piqued my Dad’s curiosity on what was in that “obviously from China” package.
* Because work and other stuff in my life was making me miserable, I escaped through the means of HP slash fanfictions this month.
* Discovered that the problem with Provo didn’t quite end last month. Turned out that Pillar, my slave drive was the culprit. Had to go exchange the drive for free! I named the new slave drive DFMA — Don’t Fail Me Arsehole!
* Went on the final hair adventure with my friend J who was leaving. I ended up highlighting my hair, and I looked very blonde XD.

* Beat Suikoden Tierkreis.
* Finally obtained a $2 bill!
* Rode the KTX for the first time in my life and visited Gumi for the first time, too.
* Beat Cate West: The Vanishing Files.
* Went through a LotR crazed phase and the Holocaust phase in about a week or two.
* Amazon Fail Situation occurred.
* Became addicted to Dreamwidth.
* Met my birth father for the first time with birth mum. It was a weird meeting.

* Bought a permanent account at Dreamwidth.
* Watched the Godfather Trilogy and fell in love with Mafia (again), Michael Corleon, and Al Pacino.
* Tim Tams became my new favourite snack.
* Had fun at Bennigan’s and Myeong-dong.
* Read Standish by Erastes.
* Became a person on loan at my old job place for a month or so.
* Started on a new blogging project with a friend.
* Went to visit my grandma in Gwangju via the KTX, on the same day former President Roh committed suicide.

* Organised all my review-related entries onto one page.
* Went to the The 10th Korea Queer Culture Festival but I didn’t post about it until July.
* Had a little accident at my workplace where I crash landed on my knee, tripping over a bunch of preschoolers. I ended up spending hours at the ER to receive a simple diagnosis of a “contusion”. I did miss a day of work from it.
* Watched the second season of Magic Knight Rayearth.
* Bought a PSP 3000 and named it “Medea”!
* Watched and LOVED Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

* Started to research hotels for my Tokyo Trip in October.
* Tweaked and played with layouts for my LiveJournal and Dreamwidth accounts.
* Went back up to Namsan Tower despite my traumatised experience in 1993-1994. I did discover that the cable cars were not worth the trip up there.
* Was heavily into the Britain’s Got Talent and discovered the genius of Paul Potts, Susan Boyles, and Andrew Johnston.
* Monsoon season attacked us, but I did get to see a pretty rainbow one day!
* Started to self-teach myself Hiragana.
* Bought my second-hand netbook called Portie!
* My friend and I tried to drive off in the wrong car. It was really accidental!
* A new external hard drive (500gb) came into my possession.

* Signed up for the annual holiday fic exchange, Harry Holidays, I do every year.
* Finished my AS/S Fest fic collaboration.
* Was told that I had to cancel my Tokyo Trip in October. I was not pleased.
* Created a seventh anniversary layout for Aigoo-Chamna, using a picture my friend drew for me.
* Wrote a bunch of blog entries that were more “personalised”.
* Started to get into Korean folk songs.
* Discovered an awesome fusion song of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” and Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”.

* Had some issues to deal with regarding someone.
* Saw a naked man wanking away in Sookdae Ibgu area. X_X;;
* Arranged my own simple piano arrangement of “Viva la Vida”.
* Had a little comparison with Oskar Schindler and Sugihara Chiune.
* Was annoyed by a co-worker about my lack of a boyfriend.
* Come to think of it, I had to deal with a lot of annoyances this month.
* Decided to staycation as a connoisseur.
* Found out that my cousin’s getting married, a shotgun type.
* Went back up to Namsan Tower again. This time, I walked the entire way up.
* A friend sent me a bunch of tea!
* Started up a Tumblr.

* Spent my Chuseok week in a hospital, where my mother had her surgery and had to recover from it.
* Volume permed my hair.
* Had a pad problem.
* Decided to clean my room up over Columbus’ Day weekend.
* Had a lovely staycation for a week.
* Finished my Harry Holidays assignment.
* Grew addicted to Bejewelled Blitz.

* Signed up for Ginger Lust and Draco Big Bang.
* Visited my grandma again in Gwangju.
* Tried Greek cuisine for the first time.
* Did a lot of fanfic writing and betaing.
* Visited Osan Air Force Base and chilled with a friend.
* Registered an account at Archive of Our Own.
* Started Google Waving!
* Decided to pinch-hit for Ficadron and finished it in a day.
* Finished and sent off my Christmas cards, all 57 of them.
* Notated two new sheet music, this time Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and “Rune of Punishment” from Suikoden IV/Tactics.

* Bought three domains at the beginning of the month.
* My cousin bought me two tickets to the Distant Worlds music from Final Fantasy concert in February. Unfortunately, I had no idea of the special tickets until it was too late. !@#$!@#$
* Did a bunch of Christmas shopping and spent way too much money!
* Went to two holiday concerts in a week! One was performed by my former high school’s music department and the other was performed by the 8th US Army Band at Seoul Arts Centre.
* Read Clippings by A.J. Mirag.
* Decided to host a “New Decade, New Domain” contest.
* My friend finished my Draco Malfoy commission, so I made it into a new layout for Snarky Slytherin Network.
* Received a new metallic silver DS Lite from Daddy for Christmas, which I named Shimmi!
* Finished the rough draft of my Hogwarts Uni fic for Ginger Lust.
* Contest ended and Shinkonokokoro won.
* Had a short visit from Jack Frost. Too bad it didn’t turn into a blizzard.
* Received a tonne of holiday cards from friends all over the world. 12 of them showed up in one day!
* Two friends from the states visited Seoul! Hung out with them at their house, Bongeunsa Temple, Coex Mall, the Kimchi Museum, and Itaewon.
* Bought a new pair of glasses.
* Spent New Year’s eve with my best friend’s auntie, and we had a blast doing two hours of karaoke. Then we went to a bar called “The Library” to celebrate and greet 2010.


  1. Wow it seems like you had a very big year. How was it meeting your birth parents? How do you really feel about your year anyway? My year seems to have been kind of crappy and unfulfilling. Anyways, Happy Holidays, stay in touch.

  2. Wow, this was quite a year for you, especially with meeting your birth parents. Well, I hope you the very best on 2010, which is approaching in less than 6 hours for you and 23 hours for me…..happy new year!

  3. Whoa busy year!! Wow meeting your birth parents, that must of been weird, happy new year!!!

  4. Taversia on

    Happy New Year!!!! =) Got any resolutions yet??

    LOL, those christmas cards are adorable by the way. <3

  5. What an eventful year! I hope 2010 brings you only the best!!

  6. Jessica on

    Wow! That does feel like a lot going on! I suppose if you go and list everything that you’ve done, it shows that you actually do a lot. x3 I kinda wanna do this for my own purposes.

    Happy New Year to you, too! …Though, due to the time change, you’re already in 2010. x3 How’s the future?

  7. “Saw a naked man wanking away in Sookdae Ibgu area. X_X;;”

    I can’t believe this was all the way back in September. LOL.

    It sounds like you had an eventful year especially meeting your birth mother and father. I am amazed you can remember your whole year; I most certainly can’t. I’d probably have to look back on many blogs and photos to jog my memory. :P

    I’m not making a big deal out of 2012. It’s much like the Y2K bug thing… I was only about 9 years old back then and I freaked out a bit because I didn’t understand. :P

  8. Boring my butt! You are a very interesting person…take for example that you just met your birth mother and father in 2009, that’s a pretty big deal.

    I love that you mentioned things that you brought up in your blog, specifically that you discovered Korean folk songs because I distinctly remember that post! I found it to be really interesting because I like to learn about other cultures. :)

    I think you had an eventful 2009. My 2009 was kinda eh, so I’m ready for 2010.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Oh, wow, so many interesting things happened to you in 2009! This is really inspiring, blog-entry-wise … Now I’m wondering if I should do a 2009 recap, as well! xD;

    And yeah, you’re DEFNITELY not boring … All this stuff sounds so interesting and fun! I loved reading it. ^^;

    Also, on a slightly unrelated note, I always find it fascinating the way people can remember soo many different little facts — Assuming you typed all this up from memory! It just struck me that you might’ve kept a little journal detailling these events or something. XD; Oh, well, either way, it’s curious how we can remember so much. xP

    Hope 2010 has been great for you so far — And I apologise for returning this comment so late! O_O;

  10. Daniella on

    Saw a naked man wanking away, lol that must have been interesting.

    And did you just recall all this as you were typing, or look at previous posts or a diary or something? I would not be able to recall nearly as much as you. Maybe I should eat more brain food, lol.

    Hope 2010 goes well for you!

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