Jack Frost Visits Seoul

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A snowy day in Seoul. Snow is so beautiful. I’m secretly hoping for it to snow all day and night. Doubt that will happen, though! One question, though. Why couldn’t it snow like this for Christmas?!


  1. It doesn’t snow here!

    Also we have a Summer Christmas :P

    Merry Christmas Tara!

  2. WOW! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! It hardly ever snows here and when it does, it’s only a light frost sprinkling the grass. Now I’m even more jealous because my friend is studying abroad in Seoul right now so she’s definitely enjoying the snow….

  3. So much snow! That’s so cool! I wish i’d be able to experience that SOON. The most “snowy feeling” i’ve ever had in my life was the icy cold stuff in the fridge haha. Pathetic -_-

  4. I’m glad you got some snow for Christmas! It looks like a winter wonderland! We had too much snow but it looks like yours was such a lovely dusting! It was just perfect!

  5. Aww… it’s so pretty! We just got our first snowfall of the season here, hoorah! It’s really pretty…if I could just sit inside and look at it or go outside and play in it, I’d be happy. I just don’t like driving in it; eh, let me rephrase: I don’t like driving with the rest of Ohio drivers in it. Yuck!

    It’s so pretty though. :) Enjoy it!

  6. I love the snow, just don’t like being in the snow, lol. But it is pretty!! I’ve never had a white Christmas. It would be amazing to experience one eventually.

  7. Snow is no stranger to me, but it has been an awfully long time since I’ve seen it!

    It looks beautiful, and it’s a perfect way to spend the holidays all cozied up in some warm clothing!

  8. Sooo jealous! We didn’t get any snow at all this year!

    Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season! :)

  9. Ah! The snow is pretty! I kind of miss snow. It’s been a while since I last lived in a place that snows in the winter. When it snows here, it melts almost immediately, haha.

  10. Jessica on

    The snow is soooo pretty! I wish it would snow where I’m at, but all we ever get is a light dusting that doesn’t last very long.

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