Sick of Shopping!

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Mum's Christmas Present

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NO MORE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. I had posted over a week ago that I had finished my shopping. Not really. I had to buy a couple of more things. One was a box of Lindt’s chocolate for my mum’s friend, and today I bought what I hope is the last spending splurge I’ll ever do on a jewellery. I spent $469 on a pair of 18K white gold amethyst and diamond earrings for my mother. I’ve been meaning to buy a real piece of jewellery for her, and I finally did. I’ve fulfilled my “daughtery” obligations. Muhahaha. XD

Unfortunately my bank account and my credit card hate me. Luckily I don’t have to pay it off until the 26th of January.

Seriously, though? No more. I’ll never get tired of Amazon shopping, but I do get sick of real shopping. Ugh. My sensibilities are not womanly at all, and I’m proud of it!


  1. Yeah, that’s true! Better than failing. :)

    I would love to shop on Amazon but when I see the shipping prices, I freak out. Real shopping isn’t exactly my thing either. Sometimes it just gets boring. I like buying accessories and randomly window shopping with friends.

    I love the earrings you got for your mother though; they’re beautiful! I love purple. :D

  2. Argh, I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping. I should really get it done seen as Christmas is in what, 6 days?! :( I only have little bits left to buy, fortunately. Well done for having it all done :)!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I wish we had two foot deep snow, but it’s not even 2cm! :(

  3. I would consider you the best daughter ever if I were to receive that. My parents get angry with me when I go out of my way to buy them anything. I guess because they feel like I’m a student and I could be using my money for other things.

    I hope everyone like their Christmas presents!

    -Happy Holidays!

  4. Your mother is very lucky to have you as a daughter :) I hope one day to buy my mother a beautiful piece of jewellery too.

    I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping at all. This year everyone is just telling me what they want and I’ll buy it =_=;; Mum is even waiting until Boxing Day sales to decide what she wants. Lol.

  5. Wow those earrings are absolutely gorgeous! I bet your mother will adore them! Your mom is lucky to have such a caring daughter!

  6. Oooooh those are expensive! But amazing, I would definitely appreciate receiving those as a gift. But now comes the paying it off part, which sucks, lol.

  7. Wooowww~ Your mom is one lucky lady.

    I know what you mean about shopping. I hate going through the racks searching for something that might not even be there. It’s such a hassle. But at the same time, I’m sure Amazon shopping is going to be the death of me….I will end up broke and starving if I continue at this rate.

  8. Your mom`s gonna feel really special when she receives that. :) Wow, I absolutely LOVE Lindt`s chocolate. <333 And those earrings look gorgeous, by the way. :D Advanced Merry Christmas!

  9. Amazing earrings, yeah I know that feeling…no more shopping for me for a bit

  10. Beautiful earrings! That reminds me..I have to make a little visit to a couple of online stores :P.. I love shopping!

    Happy holidays!

  11. Wow, those earrings are gorgeous! Sparkling and everything, you’ve done a wonderful job and I’m sure your mom will be ecstatic! :)

    I don’t blame you about having holiday shopping leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. I used to LOVE doing it. Going to the mall, getting seasonal coffee, walking around with my boyfriend shopping for our friends and family…and then reality set in and I was strictly budgeted due to a crappy financial time. But, it’s not the price of the present– it’s the thought that counts!

    I hope you have a really wonderful holiday!

  12. I can’t imagine myself buying something THAT expensive for my mom O_o But i’m happy that you’re able to fulfill that already! I need to stop shopping too. Haha. Last purchase I made was a new Nike jacket and I promised myself that it’s gonna be my last purchase for this year :P

    Merry Christmas!

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