Snarky Slytherin’s Makeover

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After four years of keeping the same ugly layout on Snarky Slytherin Network, I finally made a new one. Actually, I had planned on a new one since when I commissioned my friend, I wanted to use that image for the layout. I did, and it’s up!

Now I cannot stop staring at that smexy looking Draco Malfoy! So pretty!

Anyway, I betad and read fics, giving people feedback and critiques, worked on a new layout, and helped move Grumpy into my room. I was quite productive on my day off. I need more days off to accomplish more stuff!


  1. Yay for productivity! Something I have been lacking for a while now….

  2. Hoorah for productivity! All of this looks a little bit Greek to me, haha, but it looks good– and that I know! :)


  3. Yay for new layouts! It will probably take me forever to change mine too, I just like it too much! So I think 4 years is totally acceptable, lol

  4. Oooh~! Draco does look very pretty there!

    I should write on my HP fics. You’re being so productive reminds me that I haven’t been very productive lately. =P Lol. I have been writing, I suppose that’s good. :)

    High-five for productivity!

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