Christmas Shopping 2009

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I just came back from completing my Christmas shopping for this year. It’s amazing how $300+ can disappear in two hours! Some of today’s purchase are for me, though XD So, uh, yeah. The biggest chunk of money was spent on two pairs of shoes. Now I’m set in the sneakers department! I don’t have to buy new ones for at least a year. :) Along with those, here are the other stuff I bought.

  • Sneakers #1
  • Sneakers #2
  • 2 Bath and Body Works vanilla-scented anti-bacterial hand soap for my home and workplace.
  • A facial wash for me.
  • 2 Revlon nail polish, 2 L’Oréal nail polish, 2 facial/neck cream thing for Mummy and my auntie.
  • 3 bags of peppermint candies for my grandma.
  • Estee Lauder “Beautiful” perfume for Mummy.
  • This Sally Hansen hand lotion thing for my auntie.
  • Big Candle and this Elvis Presley jukebox decoration for Coach.
  • World of Warcraft play-time card for friend.
  • DVD set for Dode.
  • This crystal Santa bear for Mrs. Lee (which I bought in Osan.).
  • Two The Body Shop gift sets for my best friend’s Mum and Aunt.

No more shopping. My sanity and my credit card cannot handle any more of it!


  1. Daniella on

    World of Warcraft play time, the best gift you can give, lol. That’s actually a great idea, thanks for mentioning it!

    It is shocking how fast the money piles up. I still have 2 gifts to get, and I’m trying to stay in budget. But you find these really nice things, and it’s so hard!

  2. It takes forever to earn money while spending money goes by so quickly and effortlessly. And I still need to go buy gifts for people when I go home this Saturday for Christmas break.

  3. Sorry, but can you edit my name on the previous comment? (Erase my last name.) I’m been so busy typing up schoolwork in which I’ve always use my whole name.

  4. i haven’t even begun my xmas shopping, so you are definitely ahead of the game. :)

  5. And like that you’re done?! I am so impressed…my goodness. I won’t be able to start until a week from now after I make sure I have all of my bills paid for the month. Normally, I’d just ignore the bill payment and go straight for the shopping, but I am being responsible this year. :)

    Good for you for getting a few prezzies for yourself!! :) I always get a big Cinnabon at the mall.. nom nom nom.

    Hope you have a happy holiday!

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