Should I Cheer or Should I Scream?

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Thanks to my wonderful Korean cousin who can speak and read Korean much better than I ever will, he bought two tickets to this bloody awesome, fantastic, marvellous, cool, spectacular concert — Distant Worlds, Music from Final Fantasy.

I received this news way back in September, where a friend emailed me this information. Since then, I’ve been looking forward to the ticket sale. I almost forgot about it, though, until a friend mentioned something about “concert”. I checked that website, and I saw that the tickets were on sale. Well, sort of. I called up my cousin, who came all the way to my house, and he tried to buy them through one of the ticket sites, but it wasn’t appearing there. So he ended up calling them, and they said it wouldn’t be on sale for another week. That was last week. This week, my cousin called to tell me that he was going to buy them for me (with me sending him the money, of course!). I asked him to purchase two of them — one for me and one for a friend. I asked him to get the 99,000 won ($98) ones.

As of right now, he confirmed with me that the tickets are on their way to his house. About half an hour ago, I read one of my friend’s Facebook status thread about this special tickets. I checked the website and saw that they were advertising a new special seat ticket. It’s 110,000 won ($108), and you get to meet Uematsu Nobuo prior to the show. !@#$!@#$!@#$!@#$!!!!!!! That message was NOT there last week! AUGH!

Therefore, I am HAPPY that I can go to this concert, but at the same time, I want to throw a bloody axe at these concert organisers for misleading me! Sure, this notice might be last minute and all, but it still makes me go into the BLARGHARONI mode!

Ah well. At least I can finally hear Final Fantasy music at a live concert. I can cross one thing off my never-ending list of “Things I Want to See/Experience/Hear Before I Die”!


  1. Yay for getting tickets =D I wanted to see that concert when it was around here, but I missed it unfortunately. That sucks that you missed the special tickets, but maybe next time! Hope you have fun at it :3

  2. Awesome!! I wish I could go to a Final Fantasy concert, but the only series they’ve had in the United States were held on the opposite end of the country several years ago (I was still in Highschool when it happened). My absolute favorite piece of the Final Fantasy series has to be ‘Aerith’s theme’. I’m not afraid to admit that she’s my favorite character ;) I actually bought a keychain with her the other day now that I think about it.

    Anyway, I hope you have fun!!

  3. Daniella on

    That blows. That always seems to happen to me though, I get punished for doing things early, and the slackers get the good stuff. But of course, if you had waited, you might not have got tickets at all. Maybe if you’re lucky you can camp out in the back and maybe get to see him as he walks past? I’ve heard it happen before.

  4. HOLY SHIZNIT!! That concert is going to be awesome! I can just imagine it, you better take pics! but that did suck, urgh, hate fail marketing too! at least you’re going, unlike me :( haha!!

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