Another Arranged Piano Sheet Music

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This time from Suikoden IV, the song “Rune of Punishment”. Get the usual .MUS, .PDF, and .MID file here. Again, this is an arrangement — my personal arrangement — so it will not sound exactly like the original!

. . . No more arranging and notating sheet music for a while. I don’t want to try to figure out rhythmic structure and note duration for a long time now!

. . . And we’ll see how soon I break that vow.

Seriously, why I am up late doing this kind of stuff? I have no social life, hahaha! :)


  1. It’s a great movie and it would suit the season. I don’t know if you are into romance movies but it’s a good movie overall, as it’s more of a romantic comedy. :P

    I personally think that Christmas music gets annoying when all the stores play it. Oh and I told you the wrong address for Google Wave. *slaps self* It is the same but it is and not :P

    I think it’s amazing you can arrange and notate music at all – I think it’s a real talent. :) Sometimes late at night you feel like you have to finish something to feel like you have something accomplished. XD

  2. I find it brilliant that you’re able to come up with your own arrangements :) Music isn’t really my thing so too bad I couldn’t do much with what you just came up with! So what if you “don’t have a life”, you’re TALENTED! :D

  3. You’re so talented! I love it! Don’t ever think there is anything wrong with spending your time this way. You should be proud that this is the way you choose to spend your time. I think it is a fantastic way to fill your evenings.

  4. You must be gifted for creating your very own arrangement. Not everybody can do it. You should be grateful.

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