Fear My Non-Procrastinating Skills!

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. . . Sort of. I still procrastinate, but I managed to complete a task way ahead of schedule. I finished my holiday cards for 2009 and have mailed them off today. Yes, today. December has come early in my wacky brain. I could have waited until first week of December, but I decided to just send them off now to get them off my mind and chest.

Here’s the following holiday cards breakdown:

Texas – 6
Minnesota – 5
New York – 5
Virginia – 5
California – 4
North Carolina – 4
Maryland – 2
Florida – 1
Georgia – 1
Guam – 1
Illinois – 1
Ohio – 1
Tennessee – 1
Washington -1
Wisconsin – 1

Australia – 6
Canada – 4
United Kingdom – 2
France – 1
Germany – 1
Ireland – 1
Japan – 1
Philippines – 1
Singapore – 1

United States/Guam – 39
Canada – 4
International – 14
TOTAL – 57

Yowza. Talk about a lot of cards, eh? Oh well. It’s only done once a year. ^_^

Time to see what’s next on my never-ending to-do list.


  1. Impressive! And a lot of international cards, too. I wish I had more international people to send to. And more Canadians to send to. I have like 2 Canadian-use-only stamps and I’d like to use them someday. Before the price rises again.

    Anyway, it’s good to see someone sending off so many holiday cards.

  2. Wow! That is a lot of international cards. Hell, that is a lot of holiday cards in general! I still need to do mine. Probably during Thanksgiving break when I have more time.

  3. Wow…. that’s a LOT of cards. I wish I was in touch with that many people. Actually, I just wish I was that popular, I’m jealous, lol.

  4. You must be so dedicated on making those cards for Christmas! Or you just bought them? Hehe. I’m actually not fond of making those because I never got the chance to make one and there will be no recipient after all, so why would I bother?

    All of those people you’re gonna send letters to are people you met online?

    • @Daniella — I’m not that popular! LOL. I just asked who wanted cards or offered to friends, and they said yes, so I keep my promise! ^^;

      @April — I didn’t make them. They are store-bought cards XD.

      And no, not all of them are online friends. A lot of them are family members and RL friends I’ve kept in contact with after they moved away from Korea. But a majority of the people are online friends. :)

  5. Wow, 39 from the US alone! Oh I’m excited. I get one too, right? :P

    That must have been a lot to write and send off, and a lot to stamp. At least you finished this task early. Though, by doing it, you could have procrastinated on something else…

    I find that I do it a lot. :P

    Yes, it’s partially my fault for applying at someplace a little far. But if I could drive I would not have this problem with the buses, and it taking the most ridiculous route. O_o

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