A Week Filled with Adventures

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Okay, it was over a week, but whatever. It counts. I’ve been occupied with a lot of activities, so that’s my excuse for disappearing from this blog for a while. Now, I am going to present my adventures in a list format because lists are cool!

KTX Trip to Gwangju

  • Six months ago, I visited Gwangju (on the same day of former President Roh’s death). On November 6, 2009 (Friday), I decided to visit my grandmother again.
  • Gave my mother $100 and my grandmother $100 each.
  • KTX tickets are expensive ~_~;; $75 for round-trip.
  • Spent six hours (three hours one-way) riding it where I slept through most of the ride.
  • I surprised my grandmother, my aunt, and even my mother, who knew I was coming!
  • Brought my grandmother some more fuzzy socks and snacks for her.
  • Spent over $50 on taxi money for one day. In fact, this whole trip cost me $350 more or less.
  • But it was worth making my grandmother happy.

Greek Cuisine Excursion

  • I found a Greek restaurant, called “Santorini”, behind Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon, and I was curious to try it out with my friend.
  • We made it during lunch time, so we got to try their pork gyros and chicken gyros set menu for 13,000 won ($12) which included fries and drinks.
  • Also, we ordered this yoghurt, garlic, cucumber dip thingie, which came in handy for our fries and the free bread.
  • Their fries, which were sliced up potatoes (like thick potato chips), were bloody fantastic!
  • Their baklava (which I’ve been dying to try because I read it in one of The Baby-Sitters Club books) was good but so sweet. Wow. I have a high tolerance for sweet, but that was overdone.
  • All together, our meal came to cost about 42,000 won ($40), and it was well worth it.

NaNoWriMo “FanficWriMo”

  • Finished editing my 30K-words long fic for Harry Holidays.
  • Betad a 30K-words fic for someone else.
  • Signed up for two fanfic “challenges”.
  • One fic I’m working on will be a Hogwarts University fic.
  • Finished the fanmix for that fic, including coming up with the song list, renaming the songs, and designing the cover and the tracklist.
  • Need to plan an outline for the other fic!

Osan Air Force Base Escapades

  • I went there on November 13, 2009 (Friday the 13th!).
  • After running an errand for work, I visited Osan to see a friend and hang out with him all day.
  • I slept on the bus going there.
  • Had brunch at awesome, wonderful, amazing Checkertails!
  • Went to the BX and bought a wallet, two gloves, a Santa bear, Skittles, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and a new bag for Portie. How all that came to $94 is beyond me.
  • Headed to the shopping district area outside the base.
  • There’s an Obama’s Realty, a club called Badabing, a GameStop rip-off that only accepts USD and sell Korean version of the games, and a bunch of other weirdly named places.
  • Could not find a decent cafe there, so spent time at Baskin-Robbins. FAIL.
  • Discovered they had ice cream fondue set for 12,000. It really enticed us, but we refrained from getting it.
  • Had dinner at Checkertails again.
  • Came back to Seoul by sleeping on the bus again!

An Ode to My Slytherin Scarf

  • It keeps me warm.
  • It saved me from freezing in one of the cold spells on a 0 degree Celsius day.
  • It is very thick!
  • It also makes a wonderful pillow when folded up! Especially on a bus ride!

I was very busy. Yay. Now to be even more busier with a four-day training from Monday to Thursday! The training starts at the most ungodly hour of eight in the morning and lasts until two in the afternoon. Then I have to work on some of those days until 8pm. I am so looking forward to a ten-hour work day!


  1. I love lists, too… especially to highlight such a long period of time! You definitely have been busy! I think that was so sweet of you to go through all of that effort (and money) to make your grandmother happy! I love Greek food. My Dad’s side of the family is Greek. My Grammy makes a mean baklava! I’m glad you got to try it! I hate when people make it way too sweet. It really ruins it. Yay for scarves!

  2. What a busy week! But that trip to your grandma’s was worthwhile! It was definitely so sweet of you :D And I do love Mediterranean and Greek food! They’re aweesoome! hehe :D

    OMG where’d you get a Slytherin scarf? I found lots in ebay but am not sure if they’re credible… hehe :D hehe

  3. All this talk about amazing restaurants make me feel hungry! Haha. I haven’t gone to any good restaurants in a while now.

  4. Well, you’ve been busy!

    Greek food is so good, although yes, baklava are ridiculously sweet. There’s just too much honey. My boyfriend loves middle eastern ethnic food, which is similar to Greek food, so I get that stuff all the time.

    I made me a Ravenclaw scarf back in the day. It took me forever, but it was really thick. Too bad I’ve kind of grown out of Harry Potter. It’s not that I don’t like it, I’m just not obsessed like I was, lol. :D

  5. Whoa! You HAVE been really busy…

    And wow, 30k words for a fic? That’s downright impressive. O_o;

    Where can they be read?? =) I’m totally curious. <3 Maybe I'll poke around a bit and see if I can find them. ^^

  6. Aw… hoorah for making your grandmother happy. :) And woohoo for Greek food! Did you have hummus or skordalia (the yogurt thing)….either way, yum.

    The Baby-Sitters club books! Ahhh!! I loveddd those books and forgot all about them. My sisters and I used to play “Babysitters Club” and then there was the TV show and then a movie….haha, it was wonderful. I was always Claudia because she was so artistic and pretty. My sisters would rotate around to be different girls. Good memory!

    You’re quite a busy gal! Keeps things interesting though, eh? :)

  7. A 10-hour work day you say? That can be pretty tiring but it’s cool that you’re enthusiastic about it :) It’s sweet of you to not mind your expenses just to make your grandma happy. That’s so thoughtful of you! I’m not quite sure if we have any Greek restaurants here but if we did, i’d be sure to check it out.

  8. Sounds busy and very money grabbing. hehe All that money you mention spending makes my pockets go… whawhawhawhat?! lol xD Sounds like a lot of fun though.

  9. I <3 scarves.

  10. Lists are cool! It sounds like you’ve had a busy week. That’s so nice of you to give all that money to your mum and grandma. :) And fuzzy socks! Wooo!

    Six hours for a trip is very long. D:

    My mum often makes chips by frying potato slices right off. I love them. She lightly salts and oils them… I really like them. XD

    I’ve heard of baklava; I think it was from a different girly book series though. :P

    I see a lot of Baskin-Robbins’ around here, but I have been afraid to walk in. Is it worth it? Hahaha.

    I wouldn’t be able to write so much. It’s been a busy month for me so far since my new job. But I really enjoy it. I hope your training goes well – I’ve been on eight hour shifts but I don’t mind!

  11. Ah, wow, traveling 6 hours in one day is long! That was sweet of you to do it for your grandmother though :3

    Ooh, that sounds like a tasty lunch. I love Greek and Mediterranean food. I really wish there were more restaurants like that around me.

    Gah, I’d hate to have to wake up early for something at 8AM. At least it’s only 4 days instead of every day XD;;

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