Staycation Post #2

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Thus comes the end of my staycation :( One more day and it’s back to work. *le sighs* Next time I’ll request two weeks off! Or something like that. The latter half of my staycation proved to be just as busy as first half where I ran around here and there and ate yummy food. Here’s the last part of the adventure.

October 18 — Sunday
* Stayed home for the most part and bummed around.
* Went out briefly to meet my co-worker for dinner. We went to Navy Club, and I tried their version of pho, half a cheeseburger with onion rings, and half a brownie bottom pie. All that was about $20. Here, drool over the richness of the brownie bottom pie.

Navy Club's brownie bottom pie

* Came back home and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All that sugar and chocolate from the pie must have influenced me into watching this.

October 19 — Monday
* Nearly was blown away to Oz with all that wind around me. I wonder if there was a typhoon nearby.
* Went to the Immigration Office in Jongno. Pulled out a number that read 1216, and it was on 1070ish. Nearly had a heart attack at the huge gap. Luckily, I only had to wait an hour.
* Came back to my neighbourhood and then went to the PX and bought stuff. I am in love with my sake/soju set. :)

Pretty sake/soju set

* Decided to try Le Saigon for their lunchtime session and had pho for the third time in three days. Really delicious. Much better than Navy Club’s! That and spring rolls cost me 10,000 won ($8.50ish USD).

Le Saigon's entrance Le Saigon's spring roll Le Saigon's beef pho

* Went back home to relax a bit.
* Decided to go to Itaewon. I bought my daddy a NY Yankees hat for 10,000 won ($8.75ish USD) and three pairs of fuzzy socks for Mum, which cost 5,000 won ($4.25ish USD).
* Went to Hell Beans where I typed up more to my fic and chatted with a couple people I know.
* Stopped by Manna Teriyaki and ordered take-out for dinner.
* Came home. WHOAH. LONG DAY.

October 20 — Tuesday
* Saw that the driving range was . . . damaged. We had some heavy duty wind blowing through Seoul the last few days, and the support system of the driving range collapsed, making it look like a tornado went through it.
* Picked up cake, flowers, paper plates, and forks at the commissary and dropped it off in the choir room.
* Visited my former APUSH and AP Gov’t teacher.
* Celebrated my former band teacher’s (late) birthday with her seminar class, something I’ve been doing since 2004 or 2005. I like traditions!

Marble birthday cake with chocolate frosting

* Went to renew one of my many cards I need in my life. And no, it’s not a credit card.
* Went to Hell Beans to type some more to my fic and discovered Open Office Writer is a much, much better programme than Microsoft Works ever will be.
* Ate dinner at Noxa by having garlic bread and this grilled herb chicken sandwich thingie for 12,500 won ($12.00 USD). Yummy!

Noxa's entrance Noxa's grilled herb chicken sandwich set and garlic bread

* Came home and decided to try the Amazon Trade-In programme by ransacking my DS game and DVD collections.

Are you guys tired of my pictures? XD Especially the food pictures? Hope not! Well, I have one day left on my break, and this time I will stay home and be a bum. I plan to sleep really late so I can wake up late tomorrow. Why? My apartment will not have power from 10am to 2pm. So I plan to wake up around 2pm XD. I love my logic at times.


  1. Mmm, I love food pictures, so I loved this post, hehe. It’s sad that your staycation has come to an end! Time off days always seem to fly by way too fast. Hope you enjoy your last lazy day! (Lucky bum!)

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I’m glad you got a good break, even if you have to go back.

  3. Hearing you talking about writing your fanfiction makes me miss my own. I’ve had to put my current one on an unannounced hiatus due to the fact that I feel like I never had time to work on it due to my Creative Writing class. :( Hopefully my fic will pick back up after I turn in my next short story. :)

    I checked out your fanfiction site earlier (I didn’t get to dwell because I was almost late to a Dr. Appointment), and I plan to hunker down and read a bit later on. :)

    I also hope you get to enjoy the last day of your staycation!

  4. OMGGG so many great food adventures! You’re making me so deprived while I sit here in my dorm away from the luxuries life has to offer.

  5. Ahaa she sure is being arrogant about it though.

    I don’t think I’ve been away from my computer for 12+ hours. I’m nearly always on it. Oh and I remember Netscape even though I didn’t use it much at all.

    I’m not sick of your pictures. I think all the food looks great – the spring rolls too. That treat definitely looks rich. I think that if I have something too rich or sweet, it makes me feel sick.


    Ugh, I hate getting one of those tickets – wherever you are – and realising there’s a long wait. An hour is a long wait too though. D:

    Ah, my credit card ended up getting rejected. Well, the application, I mean. Oh well, not like I really needed one!

  6. Mmmm…foood. No, I will never be tired of pictures of food or anything dealing with you exploring around and telling us all about it. :) So, there! And I hope you had a lovely staycation, sounds like you did. I like that you decided to stay around and explore what was at home rather than going somewhere. It’s inspiring! You can have a vacation just by staying in town!

    That sake set is adorable…love it. I unfortunately don’t like sake. I’ve been told it’s an acquired taste…so maybe a few more tries and I’ll like it!


  7. Daniella on

    It seems like all you did was eat food, lol. But good food. :D That’s the best vacation there is.

    And did you watch the new or old version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Because the old one is faaar better than the new one, though the new one seems more darkly colorful.

  8. All those food pictures made me heavily salivate… Oh my gosh; it all looks so GOOD. @__@;;;

  9. Oh no! Food pictures! Haha, and no I am not tired of your photos – or FOOD photos. I am just getting hungry everytime I visit your blog. But I am not even tired of getting hungry, it is a good thing ;)! So keep posting the foodie photos!

  10. Aweh thanks! Glad you liked it. :) Haha yeah, the search box is pretty random, maybe I can find a better location for it.
    OMG that brownie looks so delicious. I’m craving it now haha.
    That’s a very pretty soju set. :O

    Once again the food from Le Saigon is making me so darn hungry LOL. It looks absolutely delicious!

    WHOA the currency there is so high lmfao. I almost shit myself when I read 5000 bucks for socks but then I saw that it was in “won” haha.

    I love how the cake says “late” in brackets hahaha. Epic. :P

  11. What are you talking about? I love your pictures! The one with the dessert made me crave for some ice cream. Mmmmm.

    I hate long line gaps! If that happened in some dodgy place here, you would have waited like three times more than you did haha.

  12. Hi there!! My first time here! :D Man I now feel so hungry from all your posts about food T_T Especially the first one! I do love desserts! And what a coincidence! I’m also currently rewatching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! :D hehe

    Hope you can visit me back! :D tc!

  13. I don’t really mind working with kids but it depends on their attitude too. I have come across the full spectrum at work – rude ones, lazy ones, distracted ones, very polite ones, silly ones… :P

    *hugs* I hope you’re going well. :)

  14. Wow, sounds like such a fantastic time!! And I love your pictures!!

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