Staycation Post #1

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Wow, I feel like my staycation is flying by. Maybe I should have requested a longer break . . . maybe I’ll do that next time! I’ve been keeping myself busy, though! I’m glad I decided to do this. I really needed this break. Here’s what I’ve been doing for the first half of my vacation so far.

October 14 — Wednesday
* Tried a new sandwich place in Bogwang-dong called Sandwich story. I had a bulgogi sandwich and iced green tea latte.
* Am familiar with all three Yongsan village buses. Whoo hoo.

October 15 — Thursday
* Went to the commissary to order a birthday cake for my former band teacher.
* Visited the high school where I was quizzed on some musical term and was given a free hot dog.
* Walked over to the bank to withdraw some moola.
* Rode a bus to meet my friend in Huam-dong.
* Rode another bus to my neighbourhood where we encountered and were stuck in an air-raid exercise. All traffic were stopped as some announcer blared out instructions and his life story for a long fifteen minutes.
* Ate some yummy beef and lamb tortilla kebab set at Istanbul for 6,500 won ($5.50ish USD).

Istanbul Istanbul's beef and lamb tortilla kebab set with tartar sauce Beef and lamb tortilla kebab up close

* Exchanged some dollar into won at a money exchange place in my neighbourhood. The poor man there told me that recently a bunch of African-descent middle school students stole a bunch of won from him when he was distracted. Not cool. X_X;;
* Walked over to Hell Beans. My friend and I talked about animes and video games for a good two hours.
* Went to my job place to meet a co-worker. We decided to have dinner, and we chose to eat bossam at this place in Huam-dong for 20,000 won ($19ish USD). It wasn’t very appetising. I am not going back there.


* Came home exhausted.
* Received $100 from Daddy. Yay!

October 16 — Friday
* Cleaned Grumpy’s cage and the whole area around it.
* Met my friend at Dongbu Ichon-dong.
* Walked past Pizza Hand, which is small pizza chain. Well. It used to be a pizza restaurant. Now it’s a clothes store, but the people are apparently too lazy to change the sign. Oi.

Pizza Hand

* Went to Pho Bay to have have some Vietnamese cuisine. We made a mistake with our order. See, the menu wasn’t very clear. When we looked at the pho set, it said pho, pork chop, and two egg rolls. My friend thought the pork chop was in the pho. I was thinking it was . . . well, porkchop. Turns out it was a rice dish. We also ordered the spring roll, egg roll, and Queen something (Shomai?) starter, two set, and a separate chicken and rice dish. Needless to say, we had one extra rice dish that was rather unnecessary. Oops. This meal all together cost around 42,000ish won ($40ish USD). We were rather full after that.

Pho Bay outside Pho Bay's jasmine tea Pho Bay's starter that consist of eggrolls, spring rolls, and Queen Shomai along with the garnishes for our pho Pho Bay's meal

* Had dessert at Red Mango. We had mango and strawberry yoghurt lattes for 5,300 won each ($4.80ish). We both thought it was pretty damn pricey for its size, but it still tasted delicious.

Red Mango's yoghurt lattes

October 17 — Saturday
* Went to Hell Beans to work on a fanfic.
* Discovered how lovely it was to have a netbook and a wi-fi access at the cafe.
* Visited my co-worker and played the piano for a forty-five minutes or so.
* Had some database issues that was resolved easier than I expected.

That’s it! Tomorrow, I plan to stay home and bum around . . . but we’ll see what happens. I plan stuff, but I still do stuff spontaneously. :)


  1. Wow! An iced green tea latte – I have to try that one day; sounds like heaven! And the strawberry yoghurt lattes. :D

    It sounds like you had an awesome staycation. All the food you had seemed great with the exception of bossam. xD

    The kebabs and the pho look absolutely delicious. I was online when you tweeted about the pho. I really love pho but I haven’t had it in a while…. ah, cravings!

    That really isn’t cool about the students who stole. But LOL at them not being bothered to change the pizza sign. :P

    I’m actually getting a student credit card; nothing needed to get one except to be a student, haha. LOL, oh dear. I’m not meant to be procrastinating now but I am. D:

  2. Wow, you’re one little busy bee floating around and doing all sorts of fun things! I’m curious about the Red Mango place because we just got two here in Columbus (with the yogurt and everything) and I haven’t tried it out yet, but that looks so good……gosh. I am persuaded to go and try it out!

    I am also persuaded to take a Staycation, but unfortunately I’m unable to do so…so I will live vicariously through yours, if you don’t mind! :)

    Also, that Vietnamese food looks delicious, even if it was a feast of a dinner! Looks well worth it, yum! I’m not sure if we have any Vietnamese cuisine restaurants around here, I’ll have to look into that for sure.

    I love that your blogging all of the events that you’ve experienced so far on your Staycation, keep it up for sure!

  3. Daniella on

    Didn’t bother to change the pizza sign?! That’s hilarious! Sounds like your break is going nice. I’m so bummed that mine is over today. I’m not ready to return to my normal life :/

    And the bossam seems… interesting lol. Maybe I’ll try it one day :D

  4. Mm that food looks amazing!

  5. Obviously you had such an eventful week. That’s great :D I had one myself, but i’m too lazy to do a breakdown of the things I did coz they’re just too plenty haha. You’re lucky your dad gave you money! My dad rarely does that. Haha. Red Mango sounds like a lovely place to eat at :) Too bad we don’t have any branch here in our country. It always sucks whenever I spend money on food which tastes bad : At least now you know that you’re not supposed to eat there again anytime soon! Haha.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    It sounds like you had an interesting few days! All of that food looks delicious!

    As a side note, I think it’s very interesting that you live in Korea! I wish Korean were offered at my university. Alas, they only have Japanese and Chinese. I took two years of Japanese. I think I’m good enough to speak with a four year old, lol.

    I’m just now getting back from my break. :( I miss it already! Enjoy yours!

  7. Hey Tara, I have a question. If I were to bring my iPod touch with wifi to Korea, are there a lot of free wifi hot spots around?

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