Dusty, Dusty, Toil and Trouble

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Dusty, dusty, toil and trouble.
Swirling particles, room is dusty.

— Tara-Chan from “1001 Ways to Butcher Shakespeare

On Saturday night, around 11:00 pm, I decided to clean my room out thoroughly. Actually, I’ve been thinking about doing it lately, so why not do it over Columbus’ Day weekend? Normally, I don’t do this major cleaning until December (Christmas + Relatives = Gathering at TC’s place), but I decided to do it a bit earlier this year. I stayed up until Sunday morning at 3:30 am, and then in the afternoon, I finished the rest.

Well, after about three garbage bags full of trash, several piles of wet and dusty rags covered with about five years worth of dust, and one exhausted room owner, here’s the visual result of the room. Be glad I didn’t take pictures of the messy one. I decided not to traumatise my readers.

TC's room TC's room TC's room TC's room

Random Facts

  • Under the piano, I have at least seven bags of books that doesn’t fit in my bookcase.
  • On top of the DVDs/CDs/video tapes cabinet are all bags of stuffed animals.
  • I decided to get rid of the stereo, which used to be on the vanity set because I don’t use the bugger.
  • See those piles of books and mangas on the thing next to the bookcase? Those are all my to-read piles.
  • I still need to read those Death Note mangas, its boxset sitting neglected on the piano.
  • The display on top of the piano is only 1/4th of the stuff I want to display. The rest of it are in boxes, packed away.
  • I discovered my best friend’s AP Statistics assignment on top of the DVDs cabinet. I can’t remember how it came into my possession. O_O;;
  • I found plenty of books Grumpy — my bunny — had chewed on. I wonder if she finds paper and cardboard to be that appetising.

Honestly? Another reason why I cleaned and threw stuff away? I’m slowly starting to pack things up for when we move to a smaller place next year. I’m not looking forward to it. I’ll miss this apartment and my huge room.


  1. I really enjoy cleaning my room, but I never have time for it because once I start, it takes forever for me to finish. I start to rearrange things and I can never decide what exactly it is that I want my room to be like.

  2. Holy moly, that’s a lot of media you have. How small is the place you’re moving to? Will you find it hard to fit all of it in…especially a piano too!

  3. Congrats on cleaning your room! I have a bunch of junk in my room that I have failed to organize despite moving to new rooms about five times now.

    Don’t let moving places keep you unorganized though… take this chance to be fresh :)

  4. I don’t know if I told you this yet.. I probably did. But I managed to import the mySQL of Woodnotes, except some of the parts stuff up. I’ll sort it out though haha. :)

    I like the look of your room! It’s a shame you’re going to move though. It must be one of those things that linger in the back of your mind. I’ve lived in the same place for all my life (well, we moved to this house when I was three years old but I can barely remember) and I can’t imagine moving anywhere. If you were moving to a bigger place it would have been so much nicer though. :(

    You sure have a lot of manga you want to read. I remember buying Death note pencil cases for my friends; they looked appealing even though I hadn’t even heard of the manga. XD

    I don’t clean my room much. Even when I do, it still looks the same. Still got the clutter. It’s not “messy”, but I have a lot of stuff, that has its place, but there’s just so much of it.

  5. wow.. you have a big room there… and oh..If I have a big room like that I wonder how I would be able to manage to clean my room.LOL..:))

    anyways, take care
    xoxo, MIMING

  6. Oh you do have a huge room! But at least you were able to manage in reorganizing it, right? :) Haha I have quite a messy room too but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to fix it yet since school’s been pretty hectic lately and all. Ack. Looking forward to fixing it up soon, though! Good job in cleaning yours!

  7. Wow. All those books of yours is quite impressive! I am envious. :) I admire those who read a lot. I am starting a nice book collection of my own.. My husband and I have about 200 so far. My favorite thing to do is visit the local Salvation Army and dig through their piles of books. Can’t beat the price! I also get a decent discount at work (I work at a bookstore) so I’m always getting new ones from there. :)

    Great room! I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be moving into a smaller place — do you think you’ll have to start getting rid of some things? :|

  8. Oooo I love cleaning my room/condo; I do it every Sunday. Good for you for getting it all done, it looks fantastic!! :) Your room is huge, wow– jealous! I love your bookshelves that seem to be jam packed with books. I wish I was more inspired to read a lot, but eh, I’m just not at that point yet.

    Enjoy your clean room, especially since you have to move soon, aw. :( Is your new room smaller?!

  9. I don’t like cleaning at all! But once or twice a year I clean or re-arrange my room. It’s actually fulfilling after a hard day’s work! Though most of the times, my mom’s messes the arrangement I make in some parts of my room! D=Ohhh and I see lots of posters! I spotted Final Fantasy too!!! >3 I wish my room is as big as yours though D=

  10. Your room is so tidy and clean! I am jealous, I really want to re-arrange my room just not had a chance :(

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