Chronic Buttonitis

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What do typing, playing piano, and playing video games all have in common? Buttons, buttons, buttons! Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to announce a new and unusual pseudo-disease and mental illness called Chronic Buttonitis. I’ve self-diagnosed this particular problem on myself, and here are the medical reports.

A person who has the extreme tendencies of wanting to push anything that is button-like, even more so when there’s a reaction that follows the action.

Computer keyboard

First Diagnosis
Age: Four or five years of age.
Setting: Daddy’s office.
Why: Daddy needed to his daughter be distracted while he did something work-like.
Solution: Daddy set his daughter in front of an old computer that displayed in two colours — typical of old DOS computers — and he let his daughter type away on the keyboard, who watched in fascination at the nonsensical letters that popped up on the screen.

Anime girl playing video gamel

Second Diagnosis
Age: Five or six years of age.
Setting: Bowling Alley arcade game area.
Why: Daddy’s daughter was bored.
Solution: Daddy gave quarters to the bored daughter and let her play old arcade games like Pac-Man and pinball machines. Daughter fell in love with video games after that and became an expert at button mashing — which led to crappy game playing skills in the future.

Anime girl playing piano

Third Diagnosis
Age: Six years of age.
Setting: Piano school.
Why: Mother wanted her daughter to be like every other Korean child.
Solution: Mother sent her daughter to piano school, and the daughter began to push down the keys and learn Do-Re-Mi. She didn’t really learn much at that age, but she tried piano school again in sixth grade and learned repetitive piano exercises.

Daughter grew up to be very obsessed with buttons

// End medical report.

Bottom line, I like pushing buttons. Any time I go into an elevator with someone, I usually want to push the button. Any time I pass by a piano, I am sorely tempted to push the keys to make harmonious sounds. Any time I am playing video games or I am typing on a keyboard, I am happily pressing down a key or button! Call me strange, call me unusual, but that’s me! Ever since I was a kid, I always liked to push stuff with my fingers. I guess I like the feeling of being in control.

Toy cash register

Oh and one place you should never take me to? A toy store. See that toy cash register? Having those near me is quite a dangerous situation. Whenever I see a toy like that or a toy that makes noise . . . I’ll push it, especially if it says “Try Me”. It tempted me, so I will push it!

Anybody else has a weird trait like this embedded in them? Just wondering because I find this trait of mine to be rather fascinating. It’s strange how a lot of my favourite hobbies are tied into this strange habit! I wonder if I should just call this a Button Fetish? It probably makes more sense . . . but I don’t derive any sexual pleasure from pushing buttons, so probably not. Ahahahaha!


  1. A button fetish! I don’t know if I just compulsively press every button I see. But when I see a toy or something in a shop with a button with the words “try me!” printed on it, I absolutely must try it.

    I play the piano as well – well, I quit – it’s tempting to go into a store and try a piano. I visited an antiques store and there was a SIGN on the piano telling me to play and “feel free” to play. Hahha.

    I liked learned about psychology a bit but it was terribly dense and I hated reading up on so much theory.

    Oh, I think I’ll have a look at Aesop and Son. :D I love Rocky and Bullwinkle!

  2. I have the same thing for stamps (both the mail kind, and the other kind). I’ve worked at an office full time for almost a year now, but it still gives me a little happy thrill when I get to post a letter or when I have to stamp things (e.g with a “faxed” stamp or an “urgent” stamp).

  3. Didn’t even know that a condition, whoa you learn something new everyday :)

  4. Daniella on

    Haha that’s different. I didn’t even consider it possible to have a “button” fetish, but then again you could be interested in just about anything I suppose. The only habit that I consciously know of is hand washing. I absolutely have to wash my hands after I eat, and sometimes even my face. Or when I’m too hot. My hands feel dirty, then I feel dirty. I like being clean, lol.

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