The Art of Buying Pads

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Feminine Accessories

So last night I discovered that my monthly — no, irregularly — bodily obligation started on me. Thinking nothing of it, I went to my pads stash, only to be left in a panic. I ran out of the overnight-sized ones. I mean, I had three left, but after that, there will be none! Normally I am good about keeping my stash well-stocked, but since I’ve been so irregular, I haven’t really accounted for them as well as I should. Anyway, bottom line, I needed these pads. What did I end up doing? I ended up doing the following at 1:30 in the morning:

1. I grabbed the empty package and dashed to the computer room.
2. I grabbed a sheet of paper and started writing a message to Daddy about buying two of these and mentioned that Grumpy’s (my rabbit) food is running out.
3. I taped the empty package to the message. This needs to be done because I learned early on that men like my daddy needs a visual example on what you request to buy. Then again I shop with a male mentality, too, so I do it to make it easier on him and to ensure I get the right thing!
4. I taped the message to the front door so Daddy would not miss it.

Okay, okay. I know I can easily go out and buy those evil necessity. However, it’s easier to ask Daddy to do it. Why? He has a car, so if one store doesn’t have that exact product, he can check the other store. Plus, since he has a car, he can stash it in the car and hide it there. Me? I have to carry that damn thing around in a white, transparent plastic bag, and I have to go to work where I will be around teenage boys, with no locker to hide those things. Uh, no. I think not. I am not going to suffer from that kind of embarrassment.

I’m just glad I have a Daddy who’s willing to put up with so much from me and Mum. I’ll never forget his comment he made when I started requesting him to buy these evil necessity.

For years I had to go buy pads for your mother! Now that she’s on menopause, you have to start! What an endless cycle.

I’m grateful for all that he does for us, though. Even if they are errands he’d rather not do. I’ll just have to keep a better eye on my stash from now on.


  1. LOL my gosh. The joy of buying pads. Your dad is very thoughtful and lovely. My dad would get confused when buying. He doesn’t mind though. :)

    When my mum leaves the family messages, she has to stick it on our breakfast, practically. Or somewhere we will obviously see it – toilet door, etc. On the fridge it will go unnoticed with her magnet collection. :P

    I hate stocking up on pads though. When I run out, I’m like… fffffffffffuuuuuuuuu. My mum usually has some stupid cheap ones I can use if we run out though. She’s one for buying them all when they’re on sale. They can be so expensive; far out – they’re pads. So expensive for a necessity really. My mum buys the cheap ones a lot but they’re cheap for a reason. They suck.

  2. Daniella on

    Aww my dad is just like yours. He’s the only man, surrounded by 4 girls, so he puts up with a lot of crap. Its hilarious when we go shopping, he waits outside the store diligently and walks in only to pay for the items, lol.

    I absolutely hate it when that happens. I usually super stock up on tampons so I have them for a long time, but every once in a while the time passes by me and it sucks. It usually doesn’t embarrass me, I refuse to feel embarrassed because I’m a woman, but it still sucks to have to make a special trip out just to get them.

  3. LOL. My mom always does the shopping so she’s always been the one that has to do that. And now I shop for myself. But I bring a backpack or a canvas bag to put my stuff in. Definitely not see-through.

  4. I’ve never asked a guy to get me pads before XD;; I think my mom’s the only one that has ever bought pads for me. I guess I’d feel awkward asking anyone else to.

  5. Charlie on

    My dad bought pads for us girls before too. It became part of the main shopping. I’ve also bought them when shopping with boyfriend, though I haven’t asked him to get them himself. It’s weird but I’d feel awkward doing so, despite the fact I know he’d do it. But white plastic bags, not fun. It’s a natural thing but still embarrassing.

  6. My mom always stocks the pads and I think I bought some for the first time a couple months ago (I know!!) and I was soo surprised to see how expensive they could get.

  7. haha so cute.. what a nice dad! and I will keep in mind your visual method of requesting items, I am sure it will come up with my father/brother/boyfriend sometime!

    any reason for irregularity? :/ hope you are okays! <3

  8. Ha ha, did he get them for you? And more importantly did he get the right ones? I’m use to asking for my husband, brother or dad to get me pads or tampons, they don’t care about nor are they embarrassed, it’s natural after all. My husband likes to go into chats about which ones he like the look of like that makes a difference…

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