Volume Perm Session

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Last year, I digital permed my hair. Over the year, I had that perm chopped off, so now I wanted to perm my hair again — only I just wanted a regular wavy perm (not those oh-so-ugly ahjumma perm *shudders*). I went back to this salon I frequent, the same place that highlighted my hair this past March, and asked for a trim and a perm. Only, they called it a volume perm. How many different types of perm exist?!

Anyway, I paid 50,000 won + 5,000 won tip, which equals to about $45ish. I’m quite happy with the results. Here is the before and after picture. Do forgive the blurriness . . .

My mum took those. Apparently, I inherited her picture taking skills. The picture below will show you just how I feel about my crappy camera skills. By the way, that picture was my thirtieth attempt, I think, to snap a decent shot of myself.


  1. Ooo! I like it! Very very cute. You know, this brings me to the age old struggle of women: when we have curly hair, we want it straight. When we have it straight, we want curl. I go back and forth between it all the time. My hair is naturally curly, but I’ve been battling it’s pattern for years so the pattern is shifting and it’s difficult to wear naturally…crazy hair follicles!

    Anyhow– cute. :)


  2. Daniella on

    A couple years ago I wanted to get a volume perm. I went to the salon, told them what I wanted, and did not get what I wanted AT ALL! It was just loose enough to not look like an old lady perm, but curly enough to be a huge nuisance. I’m glad yours didn’t turn out quite as horribly as mine did lol

  3. aww cute! I love it! curly hair has so much more volume than straight =D

  4. I am loving the perm so cute!!

  5. i just can’t wait for my hair to grow Grow GROW!!!
    regretted to snip it off last year :(

    u look cutie in that wavy tresses plus fringe ;)

  6. You look awesome with the curly hair! I used to want curls or waves, but my hair is naturally straight and I think I’ve grown to like it. When I want to curl it, I just blow dry it in curls… nothing special.

    I love colouring my hair though; whatever colour it may be. 8D

    Wow, during WWII… I should really look into the history of DST… when I have more time. :P

    You sure love those emoticons haha. :D

  7. Beautiful! I love waves – but I might be partial because my hair is wavy. :)

  8. I always wanted a wavy perm… but I wasn’t sure if it’d work out!!! It looks great on you :)

  9. Ooh, beautiful! I wish I could get curly hair but my hair is so straight and fine I don’t think that could ever realistically happen. It looks so good on you!

  10. Cynthia on

    You make me wanna cry … only $45?! I’ve been dying for a perm for such a long time and minimum prices at Asian salons are in the $60’s … soooob.

  11. A volume perm? Interesting. Well, it looks very nice! Now I want to do something with my hair….

  12. Ohh, nice perm. Looks good on you XD

  13. nice perms! same price in some salon in US. Anyway, I was wondering how long have you been in Korea? And if you’re half korean? Just curious since you didn’t mention in your about you section. I hope you don’t mind me asking. Take Care!

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