A Surreal Chuseok Week

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Happy early Chuseok for the Koreans and the Mid-Autumn Festival for everyone else. It’s a three-day weekend for most people here and a not-so-three-day-weekend for me. Why my workplace has to open on a Saturday — over a holiday weekend — is beyond me.

This week’s been a very bizarre sort of week for me, and I decided to break it down by doing a bulleted list.

  • I discovered the hospital near me is overwhelmingly huge.
  • Spending time at the hospital for more than ten minutes is self-induced torture. Especially for six hours. On a holiday. Gah.
  • I went and received a flu shot. Ow! My poor arm was sore for the next couple of days.
  • After a month, PX finally has Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.
  • I learned that jujubes are a pain in the arse to sun dry.
  • Quaker’s Simple Harvest Hot Cereal (vanilla, almond, and honey) is disgusting. I’ll take the sugar loaded instant oatmeal over that thing.
  • Typhoons, tsunamis, floods, and earthquakes galore. Has 2012 come earlier than expected?
  • At work, Rock Band was in the Wii, and the Wiimote was hooked up to a Guitar Hero guitar. My co-worker and I spent fifteen minutes wondering why it wouldn’t work. D’oh!
  • The handles for the closet and this small cabinet both fell off from their respective doors when I tried to open them. In the same week. Is this a sign?

Thus ends my, er, eclectic week of adventures.


  1. Haha I like dark chocolate, actually. I am not a huge chocolate fan though. I really love my hard candies and lollies!

    LOL my mum does the same thing with guesstimating!

    We have a three day weekend for labour day. How weird. And we have daylight saving on the weekend. Bahh.

    I don’t go to the hospital much but I know for a fact that it is very huge and there are separate parts. I’ve never actually received a flu shot either. Is this for the swine flu vaccination? Nevertheless I heard they are coming out soon. :)

    That “hot” cereal doesn’t sound impressive. It made me think of oats, which I absolutely, incredibly despise. O_o

  2. I love Mid-Autumn festival, though only because of mooncakes. I love the really eggy ones. And yay for getting Layton!

    Actually, Guitar Hero guitars work for Rock Band and are often used for that game because of how much the Rock Band guitars suck.

  3. Hospitals freak me out too!!!

  4. I giggled at your 2012 comment. I saw the preview for that movie last night and I was laughing at it. You know there is going to be an earthquake or something somewhere on that day and you know that someone is going to think that movie is going to happen. I giggled.

    I don’t like hospitals at all. I start to hyperventilate when I go into them. I just can’t handle it.

    Ugh, I hate shots. Yay for not getting the flu, though! :)

  5. Aw, good for you and your flu shot! I’ve never heard of this mid-autumn festival before, but happy one, anyway! Unless you are required to work in a hospital, I don’t think anyone really likes being in them. Yuck!

    The thing about the weather is that technology has advanced so much that they have the ability to do crazy things like venture into the center of a tornado, so on and so forth. The weathermen around here are crazy, though. My boyfriend who lived in Florida (hurricane haven) is perplexed as to why they set off our tornado sirens when there is a “tornado watch”. By definition, a tornado watch means that conditions are favorable, just be forewarned that there could be some activity. A “tornado warning” means that they have spotted a funnel cloud and to seek shelter immediately. Well, now they set off the siren for a severe thunderstorm! And with their “advanced doppler radar” they have to show off all of their little gadgets and what have you– it drives me nuts. We’ve experienced bad weather for years, I don’t know why all of the sudden we have to go crazy over a summer storm. *end rant*

    You know….I’m not sure if I know the difference between a typhoon and a tsunami.


  6. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I am stoked for green tea and chocolate mooncakes ;) I had Korean BBQ last night for dinner; it was absolutely superb since I love Korean food.

    I haven’t gotten any flu shot yet though I don’t think I will get one anytime soon.

    Oatmeal D: D: I don’t really like oatmeal even for breakfast.

    I think you’ve misread my post ;) If you read clearly, it says, “..Asians with Asian names using a fake English name as their profile name.” It means that their parents gave them Asian names which everyone know them for but I’m assuming they didn’t like their Asian name and then change it to something people wouldn’t know that it is actually them. I don’t have anything against Asians with English names; I have English name too and I definitely have a lot of friends with English names. I’m just very much annoyed with Asians with given Asian names using fake English names for their Facebook profile which everyone would not have a clue it’s actually them; fake as in for instance, their name is Kamarudin (that’s actually a Malay name) and everyone knew him as that name but he puts his name on Facebook as ‘Scott Kennedy Jack’ which leaves everyone hanging and wondering ‘who the eff is this person and why is he adding me on facebook?’

    Yeah like that ;D I hope I didn’t offend you or anything, I certainly did not mean it that way :)

  7. you should’ve asked me! I work at an electronics place, and would’ve mailed the professor layton to you haha…

  8. Hey Tara. :)

    I just thought I’d randomly mention, while I am returning your comment… you know how you were telling me about the pronunciation of your name? Now, the more I look at it and talk to you, I say it in my head as “teh-ra” instead of “tah-ra”. 8D

    Oh and unfortunately the food I had to get was for THAT night. Major suckage. My brother was still dressed; IDK why they had to give me hell.

    Today I was really ugh. I was crying and everything, but now I’m feeling better. I’ve been squeezing stress balls and listening to relaxing music. :)

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