Tumblr Me!

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I’ve gotten myself a Tumblr after months of thinking it was a micro-blogging tool very similar to Twitter. Whoops. But that’s beside the point. I like it. It’s nice and easy to use. Here’s mine!

The Love Song of T. Ara Chan.

. . . Yes, I am a nerd. If you understand the significance of that title, then kudos to you!

Who else has a Tumblr? Add me! :D






    Following you. :)

    Haha I’m glad I haven’t joined Facebook. I have enough to keep me busy already. I’m glad no one I used to know tries to approach me. *sigh of relief*

  2. Oh and since you changed your name, you have to change the link as well; it’s currently dead on your blog. XD

  3. I see you added me already! I added you back. I love Tumblr. It’s so fun for sharing images, links, and videos. I found so many great things from Tumblr. :)

  4. Aw, I don’t have a Tumblr bc I thought that was the poitn of my blog…

  5. I will add you :)

  6. haha everyone seems to be getting one of those Tumblr profiles. x) I’ll be hopping the bandwagon myself at some point, I’m sure…

    That’s really hysterical you thought it was like Twitter. Honestly, for the longest time, I actually thought it was one of Twitter’s many add-ons. >.>;; rofl

  7. I haven’t even heard to Tumblr before. There are so many social websites and whatnot these days its hard to keep up! I actually only got a Twitter account so people would stop harassing me to get a twitter account, lol. Maybe I’ll join the crowd one day and get really into it, but for now I’ll stick to my own site.

  8. Ohh I used to have a Tumblr but not anymore! I’m thinking of opening one again soon when i’m not too busy. At this point I just wanna focus on my blog first :P

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