Tea Party Stash

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With all these teas, I should really be the Mad Hatter and throw a tea party. Not a bad plan, eh?

Last month, I tried these three different teas out, and I fell in love with them. Unfortunately, these are teas I cannot seem to find here, so I tried to order them through Amazon’s third-party sellers, only to be told EFF YOU to my shipping location. Because of that, I wanted to teleport myself to the companies and throw my own version of the Boston Tea Party. Luckily, one of my dear friends volunteered their services to purchase them for me, have it shipped to them, and then have it shipped to me. I finally got them, and I am so happy. Even if it did cost more than it should have. Oi.

At least Irish breakfast, Earl Grey, and Blueberry green tea . . . are equivalent to heaven. In fact, I am enjoying a cuppa of Irish breakfast right now.

Readers, do tell me your favourite teas or coffees! I want to know. :D


  1. Almost all black! I can’t drink black tea anymore — affects my nervous system too well. (If black tea has too much caffeine, what do you think coffee would do??) I used to drink Earl Grey though, in memory of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise. (“Tea, Earl Grey. Hot.” Why yes I’m a geek.) I drink a lot of green tea though, and cold care tea, and my favorite green tea is brown rice green tea. SO delicious! It has a roasted brown rice flavor. Amazing.

    I’m also trying to figure out what rooibos are, but I have one that’s also delicious, but a herbal blend so it doesn’t taste much like black or green.

  2. I’m trying to warm up to different teas but all I can seem to really enjoy is white tea with berry infusion. My boyfriend loves Oolong, green, black, chai, red…pretty much everything! I’m trying to get better about tea, but coffee? Oh, I love coffee.

    Any medium roast is great for me….but add a yummy, seasonal spice (like peppermint or pumpkin) and I am sold.

    I’m glad you got your tea!!


  3. My favourite coffee is actually Nescafe’s Gold Blend instant coffee but my Mum would say, “Vickie, you don’t know real coffee!” Well Mum, I like what I like; it doesn’t have to be “real” or the most expensive item on the shelf. :P

    As for tea, anything not flavoured, I guess. I’m not really into tea even though I know there are all these great things about green tea.

  4. I personally don’t like Earl Grey tea. I normally just drink some jasmine/green tea!

  5. Thank you! :D

    I’m not one for coffees and teas. Shame Amazon wasn’t able to ship (lol, I just typed “shit”) to where you are. I have had burdock tea for quite some time hearing about its health benefits, as well as green tea. For more fancy beverages I actually like my bubble milk tea… :P

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