= PrOn and Real Crack?

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Here’s an IM conversation that amused and insulted me. X is a guy who I met via Myspace, and we used to IM each other a few times ages ago. Out of the blue, he IMs me recently and thus the following conversation occurs.

X: yea so what r u up to?
Tara-Chan: Nothing. Surfing the web.
X: anything interesting?
X: what is that?
TC: A website.
X: about?
X: u like crack
TC: Why don’t you click on it and see for yourself.
X: it is porn?
TC: Okay. I’m done talking with you.

I admit, when I look at the conversation, it is amusing because of the guy’s stupidity. However, I think I was annoyed that he assumed I like the drug crack and assumed I’d send him a pornography site. I mean, I can accept that someone won’t know what is, and I understand about clicking on wary links, but I do not appreciate anyone thinking I am going to intentionally send them to a site that will be pornographic or filled with malware. Honestly, there are too many morons like him out there. I ended up blocking him in the end.

On the flip side, though, I did enjoy surfing through the “Tech” articles on :D I was skimming through the video games-related ones, and I found three that transformed me into a laughing mess (Laughingitis strikes again!), and I decided to share with the readers here for ya’ll to go through the same inflicted disease I went through :D.

12 Great Video Games With Ridiculous Premises — The best parts of this article are the “Why we didn’t care” comments. Those cracked me up the most.

12 Video Game Characters With Undiagnosed Mental Disorders — I happen to agree with all these diagnoses. Very fitting for the characters.

Nintendo Controllers’ Evolution — I found myself giggling over this article because I agreed with the writer whole-heartedly. I, too, hated the N64 controllers, and like the writer, I couldn’t figure out how to hold the darn thing, either!


  1. Aww! *hugs your 500GB WD Passport* Our hard drives will be siblings. :P seemed like a cool site. That guy is really stupid to think of you sending him a pr0n site. I love Nintendo games and Super Mario! :P

  2. I have a friend who likes to send me links without any comments or explanation, and I’d grill him with questions before I’d even touch or check the links. That dude of yours did ask you if there’s anything interesting you’re surfing first, though, so what did he expect? :P

  3. Haha my dogs don’t hump legs when they can get the neighbour’s bitch :P Although my leg isn’t a virgin anymore because my friend’s cousin’s dog humped it. Her mother was like, “looks like someone smelled like a b*tch haha”. I know it was meant to be a joke but wth? Whore. Anyways,

    That guy needs to surf other sites more than porn sites. Clearly he was merely “judging the book by its cover” but in this case, “judging the site by its domain name” lol. I’m glad you blocked him though, who knows he might be dangerous D:

  4. I rarely really pay much attention to the links my friends send me, haha. I will probably watch about 10 seconds of a YouTube video before making a comment that might reflect that I actually watched it.

  5. Haha yeah cause we have strict rules in our school about nut allergies. There are a lot of people who are allergic to those foods so we aren’t allowed to have any nuts on us.
    LMAO well that’s pretty awkward you being a substitute teacher and having to read that blog. xD
    Yeah I guess I was pretty disruptive but I was just trying to get a sharpener for my friend. xD And, the kid should have got in trouble for listening to his ipod during class but nooo, I’m the one who takes the blame. :P

    Dayum, that sounds like a pretty hilarious yet really awkward msn convo. I would have probably been offended as well. Sheesh, you aren’t a crack addict. xD

    Good for you for blocking him! :D

    Thanks for the articles, they seem really interesting. :)

  6. You really are lucky! Cabs here are so expensive.

    I don’t really surf much unless someone gives me a link to a funny article there. ;) Of course I would also expect people to not know the website. But if someone was really assuming like that guy and not bothering to simply ask what the website is about. I hate people who assume.

    I like your tone towards that guy. “A website”. Right and straight to the point. It sounds like what I do when I’m terribly annoyed at someone. I start to sound quite snappy. XD

  7. I think you were right to get annoyed with him for acting like that! Way to go, m’lady! You know, I am not a video game fan (however, my boyfriend is), but I found those articles to be entertaining and enlightening, so thank you for sharing them. Nothing like learning a thing or two in an area that you know nothing about! :)


  8. I doubt he was even smart enough to really be insulting you. Those kind of guys are awful to talk with that is why I don’t like to make friends on myspace and stuff. It’s like, the think just cause we are on the web we want to talk about porn and stupid stuff. It frikin annoying. 0_0

  9. haha I wouldn’t assume it’s porn from the name Crack… silly guy

  10. That’s such a good thing with the cheap, fast internet though! Ours is definitely cheap. I wouldn’t say it’s always fast; we’ve had problems with it in the past but it’s otherwise been alright.

    I think we get enough space, even if it isn’t unlimited. But my brother just plays too many games. D:

    Yeah, I don’t really refer to my laptop by his name. I just say “my laptop”. :)

  11. Interesting conversation. I certainly have my doubts clicking links that some people send me, but most of the time I trust my MSN friends not to send me shady links. Unless there is a virus going on. That happens sometimes.

  12. usually i get very suspicious when people send me links…
    especially now there’s this shorten url thingy, u have no idea what da link will u bring u to :S

  13. Yeah, some people are such idiots. It’s not about, but about the fact that he instantly assumes it must be about crack. Yeah, because that makes sense. Also, his typing is atrocious. *sigh*

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