And Hair Is Just Gone Tomorrow

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Dear Readers,

Have a poem:

Short hair? Why yes, I have short hair.
Why does it make me look ugly?
Unattractive? More masculine?
Afraid I’ll out macho you with the lack of hair?
Hair is dead, I’m not.
I still have boobs.
Along with the female reproductive system.
But you want long hair.
It symbolises a woman’s beauty.
It also symbolises tangles and snarls
And high maintenance.
But you want those long tresses.
Like those belonging to a maltese?
Then get that or a collie.
Short or long, does that matter?
A woman is still a woman who remains.
And hair is just gone tomorrow.

Apparently this article brought out the dormant feminist poet in me. ~_~;; I really wasn’t pleased reading this article. I know not all men will find a woman unattractive based on their hair length, but the fact that there are men out there who will think like that just burns me up!

Bah. Short hair, long hair, it shouldn’t matter! End of story.


  1. I’ve had both really short hair and relatively long hair. Both are different but can all be girly or non-girly!

  2. You remember when I chopped off all my hair, right? God, I miss that hair. So does Bear. Alas, I don’t have the money to go to a salon every 6 weeks to maintain it. Now I have long hair again and I kind of hate it. Bear likes me better with shorter hair, but more than that I like me better with short hair.

  3. that’s what my (then) crush told me, i wasn’t as attractive as before after chopping off 10inches of locks T-T
    people around keep telling me that they miss my loong curlie hair, i myself actually miss it too…will have to wait for months :(

  4. Most guys are weird about hair, but! I always tell them– when you have to care for very long hair, you’ll realize why I like to keep it shorter. I generally keep mine medium length, but…I go back and forth all the time. I like to change it up because it’s “just hair”. If I cut it, it will grow back…and lucky for me, my boyfriend likes when I try new things with my ‘do! :)


  5. What I don’t get is why in the 20s women with short hair were apparently “sexually liberated” and therefore attractive. So why not now?

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