Making a Statement — The Wanking Way

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After work, my co-worker and I decided to eat some bossam at Won Halmeoni Bossam branch in Namyeong-dong / Sookmyeong’s Women University entrance area.

When we finished our yummy meal, we decided to walk around the area. I found a little kiosk to buy something, and while I did my purchase, there were several Korean ahjummas jabbering away about something. I didn’t pay attention, so I was left in lala-land. Turned out, there was this naked Korean man walking around the area.

A naked Korean man who I saw on the side walk, in front of a bank, I think, wanking away and muttering something I could not understand.

. . . I kid you not. He was sitting on the ground, with his manhood in his hand, wanking away for the Seoulites to see. ~_~;; My co-worker and I edged around him, and afterwards I burst out in giggles, mostly from the sheer shock of what I saw.

I am not sure if he’s mentally ill or handicapped . . . or if he’s making a statement for the Korean public. If he is doing the latter, he’s certainly making a statement . . . just not sure what.

I’ve heard and seen some strange things in my life, but this pretty much takes the cake for me.


  1. That is disgusting… I’ve never seen a naked man in public, but I have experienced a man wanking in public.

    Oh, the world.

  2. Wowww, that’s um… something out of the ordinary and pretty gross actually XD;;

  3. Oh my goodness. I don’t know what I even would have done! What a sight to witness!! :O

  4. Oh my lord. I wouldn’t have known what to do… I think I would’ve started giggling nervously… but I would’ve been terribly disgusted. Ew. Sorry you had to witness that!

  5. I haven’t heard of Bossam but it sure looks delicious. :D

    This man sounds so strange. I would have been scarred had I seen a naked man wanking off. Eeek! That’s just terribly disgusting. D:

  6. Oh my god! That is gross!

  7. i once saw a nekkid man on a street nearby my school…and da worst thing is, he’s an ol’ man =.=
    gross :(

  8. Wow… that is disgusting… O_O

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