We Need More Songs Like This

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Rita blogged about this, and I am glad she did. This song is a gem, a hidden diamond that deserves to be exposed more to the rest of the world. Or at least I think so. I’m a sucker for piano and cello pieces. Instrumental pieces need more loving. Misters Schmidt and Nelson? You can come serenade me any day and any time. :D

A day off, a great RP session, a yummy chocolate cake, hiding from the relatives who came over to wish my dad a happy birthday, and a great song . . . I don’t think I could have asked for a better Sunday.


  1. Aw i’m glad you enjoyed my blog & understood my little quote from Gone With The Wind! :D I don’t know if you’ll like her or not but my friend just sent me her myspace page & it’s really good. Well, at least I think so.


    i’m not too particularly fond of taylor swift. i mean at first i thought, “no reason to dislike her” but then i don’t know, i think there’s something about her that i don’t like. like she’s too perfect that it’s wrong. haha. but i enjoyed this video. thanks for sharing! & thank you for blogging. :)

    I got the title from the movie Thank You For Smoking although that movie is absolutely genius & hilarious, it has nothing to do with the blog.

    I SKIPPED to the coldplay part because i love that song. i did listen to most of taylor swift’s cover though. beautiful!

  2. Piano and cello! LOVE! I love instrumentals. The piano and cello combination remind me of the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”. :)

    I don’t like Love Story, but this is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful music! Thank you for exposing me to this hidden gem. Exposing?! Ok, my english skills are a bit low today. Couldn’t think of another word to use. Sorry ;)

  4. Oh my gosh. I can’t tell you how much this made my day. I absolutely adore instrumental music and this is absolutely gorgeous. I love it so much. I think I’ll be sharing it later…

  5. I love all these fusion music! This one sounds particularly wonderful. Thanks for the find!

  6. one of my fav song! been playing it for 2 weeks =.=

  7. Saw this on Caity’s blog, and figured I’d drop you a line as well seeing as how you’re indirectly responsible for my music-induced enjoyment. hahaha =D

    Thanks SO much for sharing this link!!!

  8. I saw this song on Caity’s and so followed the links to yours. ^__^ But yes, that song is absolutely beautiful; there are many gorgeous songs out there, but instrumentals seem to capture emotion even more, since they can go farther than words can. I think so, at least. :]

    And chocolate cake! :O Lucky you! Cake is always fabulous.

  9. great isn’t it? glad you like it!

  10. Ahhh I love this! I’ve seen this in a few places now and I just can’t seem to get enough of it…which is definitely a good thing that I haven’t gotten tired of hearing it. I agree with you! We need more things like this for sure. :)

    I’m glad to hear that you had a nice Sunday! And mmm…cake!


  11. Looks like the link is dead. If you want to repost it there is another copy available here: http://www.vimeo.com/4065887

    It’s a beautiful song; you have great taste, as per usual!

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