What a Bloody, Long Day

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Long day, but it ended up being a mixture of crap and candy. Here’s what happened to me, in bullets for easier reading.


  • Almost was late for work today because of miscommunication with parents.
  • At work, we had this small block party, filled with a dunk tank, couple inflatable games, and free BBQ. It was called “Inflatapalooza”.
  • Ran around here there, bringing the necessary supplies, set up tables, chairs, and the inflatables: bungee run, boxing ring, and a giant basketball hoop.
  • Had to monitor the boxing ring at one point, and a kid jumped out between the bars and crashed into me, bending my glasses. That pissed me off for a good hour or so.
  • Went around picking up garbage.
  • Helped put the chairs and tables away.
  • Stomped on the damned inflatables to let the air out.
  • Was outside for 5.5 hours. Will most definitely turn brown over the next few days. UGH. Next outdoor event, I am investing in a parasol, a visor, and a long-sleeve shirt.
  • My poor feet hurts!

After Work and Emart-Related

  • Went to Dragon to get my glasses fixed, which ended up being free.
  • Met up with Dan and hung out in the band room at the high school for a while.
  • Both of us met up with David at Electronics Market.
  • Showed them where I had my computer built.
  • Went to Hooters and had an interesting dinner that consisted of Sweet Garlicky (or was it Garlicky Sweet?) chicken strips, fish and chips, and orange-ade.
  • Went to IPark for some yummy crepes for desserts.
  • Headed over to the arcade, where I played one round of Pump It Up.
  • Was introduced to Final Fantasy Dissidia by David.
  • Tried to catch the bus home, but the first bus, even though I was right in front of it, closed the damn doors on me and drove off. !@#$!@#$
  • Caught the next bus home.
  • My poor feet hurts!

That’s it. Some parts were good and some parts were piss awful. Time to end this.

Finite Incantatem.


  1. I actually enjoy Hooters food, haha. That sounds like a nice day of fun food :P

  2. Aw, you definitely had quite the long day! My feets would hurt too if I had the day you had! And Sweet Garlicky Chicken, eh? Is that what they’re calling it these days? :P

  3. Your domain name caught my attention. ‘Aigoo!’ Haha. I always hear that expression whenever I’m watching a Korean drama. :P

    That was a heavy day and your feet needs you to pamper it. :) I guess you had lots of energy to do all those.

    I haven’t heard of Sweet Garlicky or something but your description made me hungry. *drools*

  4. Haha. Thank you! I tried not making it too pink, but it’s hard not to include the color in the layout. :P I think I really am biased. :P

    YAY for us, we’re single!

    You know what, I want to go to “Inflatapalooza”. The name sounds quirky and fun. 8D

  5. Whoa you had a long day… poor you

  6. But lovely sun! And just think of how boiling you’d be if you were wearing long sleeves! Although parasols can be nice. Or a sweeeet floppy hat. It all depends on if you can pull off the classic look. (Or at least the attitude for the classic look.)

  7. OMG, yes! I agree with you. The weather actually contributes to our being moody. >_.>

    I feel sorry for that someone that gets snapped at because of our mood. Haha. XD

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