My Dream “Wedding”

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Long time ago, when I was into Barbie dolls, I dreamt what practically every little girls dreamed at one point in their lives: their wedding day. Up to about high school, I started to picture my dress, the flowers I wanted, the hairdo, the shoes, and the entire works. I imagined myself being escorted down the aisle with my daddy, meeting my dream man at the end of the altar. After the vows, I would happily walk out with rice and seeds flying all over me, and we’d go to the reception where we’d share the top tier of the wedding cake.

Now, as an adult, here’s my dream wedding:

  1. Dress normally . . . okay, fine. Wear nice clothes, but nothing too fancy or formal.
  2. Have husband to be pick me up.
  3. Go to the Justice of Peace and do the whole anti-climatic procedure.
  4. Meet a small group of friends and relatives and have a nice dinner at a good restaurant.
  5. Hurry along to the airport to our honeymoon destination!

The end.

Seriously, when I found out how much those dream weddings cost, I freaked out. I’d rather spend a good chunk of that wedding funds on an awesome honeymoon. I’d rather buy souvenirs and special mementos than spend $20,000+ on a single day event. On a last note, I’d rather keel over than wear a bloody dress that would most likely be drenched in kimchi sauce due to my horrible eating habits!

Isn’t my current adult’s mindset so different from my younger self? The difference is quite drastic, I think. XD I may be materialistic, but I’m also pragmatic. Actually, my materialism is focused towards my hobbies more than anything else, and a wedding is NOT a hobby. Therefore, that’s my dream wedding, and whoever ends up being the unlucky man as my husband better respect it. :D

Anybody else feel this way about wedding? From the people I’ve talked with, it seems like I’m the only one who thinks this way! Oh well! That just makes me more unique, I suppose?

P.S. – This entry was inspired when I was chatting with Caity, and since she posted about her own wedding a couple of months ago, I think of wedding when I think of her.


  1. My adult mindset is also very different from my childhood mindset regarding weddings, but it went the opposite way of you.

    When I was nine years old, I told my mother I didn’t want a wedding; I wanted to elope instead.

    She turned to look at me and said, “A child owes her mother three things. A graduation, a wedding, and a grandchild.”

    I never liked the thought of marriage when I was a kid and the thought of all that frou-frou-stuff made me uncomfortable. I always assumed I’d stay single.

    And then I met Bear, of course.

    And now I want a wedding. Nothing huge, although I think it’d be so much fun to have a Prohibition-style wedding. Send a password with the invitation. All the guests have to give the password to get into my speakeasy reception, which would be held somewhere cheap and disreputable. Everyone comes dressed in 20s and 30s clothes. Bear would dress up like a gangster and I’d be a moll (in something a lot like what I wore to med school prom). And then we’d go skydiving, holding banners that said “Just” and “Married.”

    What do you think?

  2. Sounds like my wedding! I’m doing it just as you said. I’m picking up a nice dress, my fiance’ and I are driving to the justice of peace, and afterwards we’re partying with some of our friends. Simple and sweet. I don’t have any major honeymoon plans yet because I’m working but I hope to think of some. Dream weddings are way to expensive. I couldn’t bare shelling out $20,000 – $100,000 on a wedding. I’m sure it makes some people happy, but it surely isn’t for me.

  3. c h l o e on

    You are not alone Tara! Hahahaha I share those thoughts too~ but the difference is….when I was a kid, I didn’t really daydream of how my wedding would look like. I always wanted a small ceremony at the beach or a place where I always loved *perhaps near the pyramids in egypt ahahah*. Well I don’t want to spend so much on a wedding that only happens a day…and im only a simple girl. As long as you share that day with someone special…even if its only a small simple ceremony….it is very memorable. LOL! ahahaha i agree with the last one…hurry up for the honeymoon xD rushhhh!!

  4. Cynthia on

    I’d like to do a simple ceremony like that for my first wedding, but when I get the money I want to do a traditional Korean or Japanese wedding (depending on which side of our family we’ll be celebrating with). Or maybe we’ll just get married at Disneyland. What’s better than partying with Mickey and Minnie? :P

  5. Belinda on

    I’ve actually always thought along the lines of how you currently think; I’ve never liked the idea of lavish weddings… or lavish any sort of party. It never ceased to amaze me that the apparently “average” price of weddings these days is about AU$50,000… you can buy off a really nice car with that money. Or go on a seriously excellent prolonged holiday. I don’t understand the idea of splurging it on one day.

    That’s why I’m quite hesitant about the idea of marriage, in case my relatives expect an expensive wedding out of me. No way. I’ll elope if I have to!

  6. We need ours on a budget only cost us about £5,000 which is amazingly cheap, you can do it for cheap if you just look around :)

  7. Aw, you’re all grown up, Tara-chan~!
    And I can totally relate to you!
    Weddings have been on my mind a lot lately since I’ve been to five weddings this year and there’s one more in october and my cousin’s in the wedding biz and he’s been busy all summer long and he’s planning his own wedding of the century that’s next year and I’m one of the bridesmaids! So I know the stress and the costs and also the fun and excitement.
    I think we dream about our wedding day cuz society tells us that a wedding is supposedly the most important day of a woman’s life. I personally think I won’t have a traditional wedding cuz my family is crazy and would easily turn my wedding day to the worst day of my life.

  8. I never had a dream wedding!!! It’s not a huge deal for me at all, and I really hope I can be cutesy enough to plan a gorgeous wedding with my husband. I don’t think I will be one to have a small, quaint little wedding. I do know, however, that my cake (or cupcake tower) will have to be awesome considering I love baking!

  9. I see nothing wrong with it, even though I had a traditional wedding. A lot of my friends did something very similar to what you want. If I had my way, I probably would’ve had a smaller wedding and actually gone on a honeymoon. We still haven’t been able to go on our honeymoon and I don’t know if we will now.

  10. Aw you’re right. I can’t really think of a nickname for you except a simple T. :P

    Haha I would say it “tah-ra”; I had a friend by that name. I know someone called Terra, though. Oh, that “sah-ra” as Sara annoys me; it’s quite confusing.

    When I was little I actually didn’t think much about weddings. I just imagined a really nice one like my parents’. I remember watching my parents’ wedding video when I was little! XD

    Now, I think it would be nice just to have a simple garden wedding or something. Nothing too extravagant. :P My friend wants to get married in jeans. Well, so long as you’re married it’s okay. Who needs something so big, I guess. Especially since they’re really expensive… D:

    But I definitely think differently now that I’m older. :)

  11. I bet everyone’s dream wedding will cost a fortune haha.

    For me, I just want a nice simple Hawaiian wedding ;)

  12. Weirdly enough? My dream wedding hasn’t changed much. I always wanted something outdoors… Either at a remote beach or at a garden with lots and lots of flowers. And I don’t want a fancy dress. I’ve always wanted to wear just a flowy white sundress and have my groom wear a white untucked shirt and white pants. And for some reason, I’ve always imagined that I’d be barefoot. And I’ve always wanted it to be cheap. I don’t want it to be stressful or expensive… I want to remember my special day for how special it was… not that I was freaking out if my bridesmaids were going to fit into their dresses or if the venue was going to be sufficiently filled with flowers, etc.

    But the sad thing is that I probably won’t have that. I’ll probably be forced to have a more expensive church wedding. Mehhhhhh. =/

  13. I didn’t think much of my wedding day as a little girl and I haven’t been to many weddings.

    I don’t want my wedding day to be extravagant. I like the idea of a beach wedding :) The bride walking down the sandy aisle in barefoot with a simple white silk dress. Maybe a few flowers in her hair.

    Funny thing, sometimes what seems simple may be quite pricey. But of course my mother will insist on a typical Asian reception afterwards. Haha

  14. wedding photographer on

    That is really true.Wedding day is every girls dream.She always thinks about that day right from her childhood days.

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