Ask Me a Question – The Answers Part II

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

Hehe, you guys asked a lot of questions here! I’m so happy you guys did since it allowed me to have something to do when I wasn’t busy with other stuff. Thanks for participating! Follow the link to read the answers. :D

Are there things you wish you never published on your blog?

Yes. There’s a few entry I posted that I regretted, and it . . . didn’t help that I found out through them that my daddy reads this blog. Since then, I’ve sort of been more cautious and selective about what I post here. I also cringe when I read the entries I wrote in high school, only because I sounded really immature, whiny, and annoying to the point I’d strangle myself. But I keep them up here to remind myself never to write like that and to learn from my mistake.

Will you make time to meet up w/ me once i’m in korea this week?

Of course, Silly! I’ll definitely make time for you! After all, you’ve been my buddy since elementary school, how can I not make time for one of my longest known friends? Can’t wait to see you! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

1. Tell us about a cooking disaster you’ve had.

I travel through my brain for a cooking disaster, but . . . I honestly cannot come up with one. That shows I don’t go in the kitchen that often. Unless you count my pecan pie coming out too liquefied! I can tell you of my experience of a couple of girls trying to cook chilli in a crock-pot — the problem being that they didn’t put the content into the actual pot, but straight into the heating contraption. If I hadn’t caught their mistake, the little shack they were cooking in would have probably burned down.

2. Tell us a funny story from your childhood.

When I was younger, in elementary school years, I’d visit my grandma down in the countryside, four hours away from Seoul, near Gwangju. Since I had no one else to play with, I learned how to entertain myself. One day, I kicked off my slip-on shoe and watched how far it landed. It became a game, and I repeatedly did that in the road. Unfortunately, on both sides of the road, there were rice paddies. I miscalculated my kick and watched that shoe go into one of the rice paddies. After making sure nobody was around, I snuck in there, retrieved the shoe, and quickly got of that paddy. Needless to say, I decided not to do that again, or at least nowhere near a rice paddy. ~_~;;

3. Where have you travelled around the world and where would you like to travel next?

Let’s see. Born in Korea, left for Virginia a year later, went to Japan for a year, and came back in ’88 and stayed in South Korea since then. In 1995, I went to visit relatives in Minnesota for a couple of weeks. In 2004, I went to visit a friend in Guam for about eight days. In 2008, I went to Tokyo with two friends over Memorial Day weekend. Aside from that, I travelled here and there in South Korea. That’s the extent of my travels.

As for where I want to go . . . I have a huge list that consists of Tokyo (again), Osaka, Kyoto, the entire British Isles, Holland, Denmark, Germany, France Italy, NYC, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Greece, and etcetera! Too many places to visit, but no money and time!

1. Do you have any major regrets in your life?

I have plenty, but here are the ones that comes into my head:

* Not continuing my piano lessons. I wish I was better at it.
* Sort of regret not attending a real college/university. While I am glad of what I did, I wish I could have experienced the whole college life.

2. What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

I see myself in a deadbeat job in Pyeongtaek. Now if I can get some motivation and more direction in my life, I’d like to think I am done with getting my masters and my phD in literature and am teaching English to dunderheads who have no respect for the English language and literature. :D Something like that. I think Severus Snape has taken over my personality. Oh and throw in a published novel in there along with a book of crappy poetry. And of course my list of stuff to do that never ends or gets shorter!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve would be . . . people being really inconsiderate with no common sense or decency. Believe it or not, but a simple “please” or “thank you” goes a long way. Heck, I even say that to little three and four year old preschoolers for every little thing they do to show them how we should treat each other. They don’t remember to say it themselves, but I am hoping to drill some manners into them where many adults seem to lack.

1. What are your life ambitions?

To save enough money to live my retirement in happiness. However, knowing my luck, I’ll either A) Die at the age of 40 or B) Die two days after I retire or C) Become bankrupt somewhere along the line and die in poverty. Yes, this is cynicism and pessimism at their best. Now for an optimistic answer, I want to live as happy as I can be and be myself. If I find a worthy man, I’ll keep him. If I don’t find one, I’ll be happy with my friends and my toys. As long as I am true to myself, that’s all it matters.

2. What would you absolutely need to have to consider yourself “successful”?

Well, I think loving and respecting yourself is a very important factor in being successful. What’s the point of being rich as Bill Gates and hating yourself and all of your insecurities? Money do bring happiness and success, but one needs to love thyself first before doing anything else. Otherwise, every thing else is remotely pointless.

3. What is it that you hope to achieve with your online presence (websites, social media, etc.)?

The only thing I hope to achieve is to make friends and meet friends who have similar interests as me. Since I’m in a foreign country where the national language is not English, it’s kind of hard finding people who likes what you like and speak in the same language as you. I do speak Korean, but it’s not that great where I can talk about Nietzsche and his philosophies in a language other than English! Hence why I like having an online presence. I can meet and chat with people from all over the world, and it’s easier for me to write than orally expressing myself, so that’s why I have blogs and other social medias! Of course, I also hope to meet new people in South Korea (like a fellow English yaoi fan in Seoul!), but I’ll take what I can via the Internet.

From a narcissistic standpoint though . . . I like being an attention-whore from time to time. :D

1. What is your favorite article of clothing?

Believe it or not, socks. I have to wear socks. I hate being bare-footed! I even sleep with them on because I like the feeling I get when my feet rub against my pseudo-velvet blanket. It feels awesome. And yes, if the last two sentence sounded wrong, then you think just like I do! Dirty minds, FTW!

2. If you had to buy yourself one thing you want (not need) and money was no option, what would you buy?

A penthouse apartment in Seoul! With that, I’d never have to worry about living space. The sheer size of the place would be enough for me to spread all my stuff! Otherwise, though, I’d be happy with a two-bedroom place, but if I could afford a penthouse apartment, I’d go for it!

3. What would you say is the one video game you’ve most enjoyed playing at the time you played it?

Suikoden II. I remember being surprised by how great it was, and no matter how many times I replay it, I’ll always love it. The storyline just about had me in tears several times, the characters were fantastic (especially Flik and Viktor!), the soundtrack matched the game, and the actual gameplay comforted me. I hated the war battles, but hey nothing’s perfect!

1. What is your favourite memory of the past?

My 21st birthday is high up on my list. I was finally able to drink and purchase alcohol legally, I can go into bars and clubs legally, and I had two good friends to celebrate it with, one of who shared the same birthday as me, but she celebrated by turning a quarter-of-the-century old when I turned 21.

2. What truly makes you happy in life?

My friends. Without them, I’d be pretty miserable. Oh and my books, games, movies, and computer. Granted those are rather materialistic, but hey, I grew up in a solitary manner, and my toys are great for me to do alone. But I still would choose my friends over those if I ever had to choose. Though giving up the Internet would be extremely difficult and challenging.

1. What’s a secret you’d tell people on your blog but not in real life?

I don’t think there is any secrets I would tell on my blog that I wouldn’t tell in real life. If there is a secret, it’s not hitting me in my head. At least not yet. I woke up half an hour ago, and I am apparently still not functioning at my best.

2. How did you first learn about sex!

Sixth grade puberty/sex-ed class. I’ll never forget one question this girl asked regarding tampons: What happens if the string on the tampon falls off? Whenever I think of that question, I start laughing because . . . it’s just a silly but a serious question. But yeah, I learned it at school — just the basics. I guess it’s a good thing since I recently read a fic where poor Harry Potter had to give Teddy Lupin the “talk” by doing acrobatic manoeuvres with a banana and a doughnut. O_O;; I am never looking at those two items the same way as before.

3. What is your favourite cheese?

Muenster with olives is the best thing ever. I also like Swiss or American cheese in my sandwiches, and mozzarella cheese is awesome, too!

1. What is your most memorable childhood experience?

The one that I can think of is the day I met and friended my first best friend. It was after lunch, during recess, around October of ’91. I saw a group of these Korean girls, but one struck out to me, and for some reason, I started to follow them. Of course a couple of the girls noticed and whispered amongst themselves, but they didn’t tell me to go away or anything. After school, I climbed onto my bus and stopped short when I saw that girl who stood out from that group, and from there we started talking and yakking away. When we got off the bus to meet our mums, they started to yak away and became good friends as well. Now almost twenty years later, we are still friends and whatnot. :D

2. Are you a fan of any Kpop group/singer?

Nope. I used to be big on the KMusic realm in middle school and early high school, but after my best friend I mentioned above moved away in our junior year, I started to lose interest in KMusic. Really, she was the one who influenced me into that genre, and then without her to share the new artists, I just didn’t care any more. Then again, I am not a fan of mainstream stuff in the music industry now, so I feel the same way about American music, too. While I don’t mind KMusic, I do mind KDramas. Don’t get me started on how I feel about KDramas XD.

3. What’s your most frequently used expression?

Aigoo chamna! :D Hence the domain name. I also say any English cuss words a lot. And lately, I find myself loving the word “cantankerous”. I think I’ve been re-reading too many Harry Potter fanfictions that feature Severus Snape. :D Cantankerous is an excellent word to describe him.

1. Of all your blog posts, which one would you have to say is your favourite post?

Felisa, I think you’re one of Satan’s spawn. XD Just kidding. But seriously, this question is one question I never even asked myself before, so trying to answer this is like . . . well self-inflicted torture! And now after scrolling through all 700+ entries here, my answer to your question iiiiiiiisssss *inserts drum roll* I have five that I like a lot.

1. Sins and Virtues of Mediocrity — I like this post because it was actually pretty insightful.
2. A Business Dream — This post pretty much captures who I am. I like cafes, animes, video games, and music, and doing this kind of business would be perfect for me! However, I’ll need a partner who actually knows the inner workings of the business. I’ll bankrupt by myself in less than a minute, I think.
3. Oops, Wrong Car! — It’s a recent post, but I just love this post because the situation is just sooooo stupid and silly.
4. Epistolary Entry: It’s Only Been a Month! — You want to see me upset? Or see how cantankerous I get when I am upset? This entry is the perfect example that showcase it along with my snarkiness.
5. Best Do Not Drink and Drive Image — Even though this incident happened years ago, I still find this to be one of the most hilarious things in my life. Really, it’s not every day I see a car parked like that!

Satisfied, Felisa? :D I hope so! XD XD ♥

2. Growing up, what was your most common answer to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?

Oh that’s easy. I wanted to be a teacher or a writer since fourth grade, and over the years when I had other occupations to think of (like counsellor), I still thought about doing those two the most. And since I graduated from high school, I have been doing it in some form or another. I was a substitute teacher for four years, then I became a preschool “teacher” (aka caregiver), and now I am supposed to be a “mentor” to the middle and high school students as a computer lab lead. As for being a writer, I write in the forms of blogs and fanfictions, and I also majored in English since the two go hand in hand together. So yes, I may not be an official teacher or writer, I still am doing something in those areas!

. . . And it’s amazing what kind of answers I can BS when it’s one in the morning. :D Doing this reminds me of my late night essay writing adventures, where panic forced me to churn out the weirdest BS that actually made sense. Then again, I like to say I majored in mastering the art of BSing instead of English. *ahem* I also think that reading Shakespeare, Kerouac, Hemingway, and Coleridge and other combinations of English literature also contribute to me mastering the art of BS.


  1. Wow! That is a lot of questions. Hehe

    I hated to see my old blog posts. I don’t usually like to make mean ones cause I know I will always regret it. that’s why all my entries are random and silly these days. Haha

  2. Man I hope no one asks me what my favorite blog post is. I would have to read a ton to figure it out–once a post is out of my head, it seems like it’s out for good.

    Anyway, I really like the ask-and-answer way of getting to know someone in a blog. Even though I didn’t ask anything I enjoyed reading the answers!

  3. I love Q&A posts!!!!!!!
    Thanks for doing this and answering my questions!

    I also love socks. :D

  4. Cantankerous is a delicious word. :D

    Oh, poor you having to entertain yourself by kicking your shoe! I have seen a lot of rice paddies from when I went to Indonesia some time ago. Hahaha.

    I always wanted to be an author or a writer when I was little. I also wanted to be a teacher but as I grew up I realised I didn’t want to deal with annoying little children. Writing novels wasn’t really my thing anymore, because it was just so much writing. I think I do better writing short things.

    I wish I was better at piano as well. I went up to grade six then quit. I didn’t want to play anymore because grades were awful to me; I just wanted to play for fun.

    Ah, it’s always about money when it comes to travel. I would love to travel outside of Australia but I don’t have the money or time either. :P

  5. thanks for answering our questions, now we know more bout u *wink wink*

  6. I loveeeeeddddd reading this! I admire you for being an open book and just putting yourself out there to take all of the questions. I loved your “where do you see yourself in 10 years” answer– haha, you’re adorable.

    Great, great thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I agree! It’s really silly and immature for people to steal, no matter who it’s from. They’re pretty much embarrassing themselves by doing it, I suppose.

  8. ” I also cringe when i read the entries I wrote in high school, only because I sounded really immature, whiny, and annoying to the point I’d strangle myself. But I keep them up here to remind myself never to write like that and to learn from my mistake.” Hahaha sounds like something I would say….
    Of course I had to make you LOOK for stuff, silly! I wasn’t going to make it too easy for you :P I have to go back one of these days and read them.

    I’m glad that even though you’re not in what you wanted to be in growing up, you’re still doing something closely related. Must feel great :)

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