Seventh Anniversary Layout: “Medley” version 24

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Happy Birthday to!

Seven years since its birth. Eight years since I owned a domain. Why does time fly? Honestly, I can’t believe I’m still doing this after all these years. One would think I’d have stopped and quit years ago since I can be fickle like that, but I guess with this, I’m not as fickle as I thought! Though I do feel like I come from a dinosaur-era. Then I wonder if those who have been on the internet since 1990s would feel like they are from the Big Bang era. Hmmm.

Since this is a special day, I decided to put up a new layout to go along with this occasion. A couple of months ago, I asked my friend to draw something similar to the picture on top of the profile. My friend drew it, capturing my essence, and after I saw the image, I deduced that it needed to be made into a layout. I made the header on Monday night. Then from Tuesday to Thursday evenings and some mornings, I coded the layout, played around with the CSS coding, experimented with textured backgrounds and colours, and finally came up with this on Thursday evening. To be honest, I think this was the longest I’ve spent time on a layout O_O;; Normally, I do it in one sitting for about five hours. This time, I think ten or more hours were dedicated to it.

At least I do like the end results. I think the artwork does capture me (when I’m happy XD) and the name I picked for the layout fits since I do like listening to medley pieces, and my list of hobbies is quite diverse . . . making me a very “medley” person. Mucho gracias are given to Ivy for giving me designing and coding consultations. Plus, she influenced me into trying a layout that’s emphasising on serif typography, and I decided Cambria is the next best thing after Georgia. :D

Well, I hope the rest of you guys like it!


  1. Cute! It’s really adorable.

  2. I’m really liking the artwork and the softness of the colors! Haha I actually didn’t do that much. Just sent a few links here and there but thanks for the mention! :)

  3. I love this layout! Happy birthday to your website!

  4. Wow, Tara! I love this layout! I do like the typography and the drawing, waving your hand around and conjuring up the things you like. It definitely gives it a personal feel. Congrats on 7 years with Aigoo-Chamna!

  5. Belinda on

    I really like it! The layout design really suites the quaint and cute vibe one gets from the picture. Very nicely structured everything is. Good work!

  6. Happy 7-year Anniversary!

    Gosh, now I feel even more pressure to get a new layout. XD

  7. Rice's Lover on

    Nice layout! So, I saw the statue ( which is really weird btw) and I saw the Namsan Tower pics. I really love the “love locks”. We should def get one. har har! Also, what is up with the LADIES ONLY PARKING SPACE? I’ve never seen that before?! hahahah! Was that in Itaewon?! Miss u my love!

  8. Happy bday domain! And this layout is beautifully vintage ;)

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