Namsan Tower Adventures

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Once upon time, back in 1993-1994, a little third grader went on a field trip to the Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower) with the entire third grade classes. She remembered taking the bus to the base of the mountain, and she remembered climbing up to reach the tower, where she had fun looking all over Seoul from the observatory deck. However, the rest of the trip traumatised her because the third grade teachers had the brilliant idea of making them all walk back to the school from the tower. The little third grader remembered the excursion very well, to the point that she vowed she’d never go back up the tower again.

In the present time in July 2009, the little third grader, now grown up, decided to go back to the tower on the condition that she goes there on a different mode of transportation. She and her friend decided to take the cable car, where they found out that it was 6,000 won for a one-way trip, and they had to share the cable car with forty other people — which proved to be a very hot and cramped trip. They reached the tower, and a lot of amateur photography session ensured.

Here’s the infamous Namsan Tower. A brilliant phallic symbol on top of yet another phallic symbol. If that doesn’t showcase Korea’s male-dominant society, than nothing can.

These two teddy bears were in front of the entrance to the tower. Apparently they have a teddy bear museum. Why? TC has no clue why such a museum is put there.

Off to the side of the tower, there stood a nice little pagoda for people to sit and relax at.

Past the pagoda was one of the Namsan’s smoke signals. TC actually found these kind of cool and interesting.

In the woodsy area, TC found some wild mushroooms and tried to capture them with her camera. Unfortunately, her zoom function hated her.

These “chicken wire men” were displayed above in various different places. Interesting form of art . . .

TC was so stoked to see that she could see her apartment complex from the base of the tower. Too bad that day wasn’t clear as it could have been! Try to guess which part is her apartment. :D

These “love locks” were what really nailed the reason for TC to return back to the tower. She wanted to see these locks that couples would put up to symbolise their everlasting love . . . these were all around the tower’s base, and it was kind of neat, if a bit overwhelming by the sheer amount.

To end the trip, TC decided to get some of these ice cream, which she loves and wishes they were available in the local neighbourhoods than rather at the “touristy joints”. On a side note, she has no idea why The Simpsons were on the cup.

Afterwards, TC and her friend decided to walk down the mountain, but then they discovered a bus that dropped and picked customers up one minutes down from the tower. Both TC and her friend felt foolish for paying 6,000 won ($5) to ride the cable car when they could have paid only 700 won ($0.60) to take the yellow 03 bus from her neighbourhood. BLARGH! TC deemed that cable car to be evil and overpriced.


  1. Those love locks are neat! Definitely something I would do if I visit Korea again! The chicken wire men would be cooler if they were lighted! :D

    Those are mini melts right? There’s one at my neighborhood mall, but I’ve never tried them. I should give it a shot the next time I walk pass ’em. Which flavors are good?

  2. Wow, what an interesting trip. I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing like that around here in the U.S., but thank you so much for sharing your trip from the toursity photos to the woodsy area to the ice cream! :)

    I absolutely love those love locks! So many memories tied together to make one very interesting visual art piece. Those chicken wire men are really interesting, too. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    This was sort of a little lesson on Korea for me, so thanks!


  3. Wow those photos are so cool. I’ve love to visit overseas one day. There is definitely nothing like that around here. Those teddy bears are so cool. I have a friend who is teaching English overseas in Busan and loves it. I think I have seen one of those photos before – I recognize it from her photos!

  4. How fun! It all looks so adventurous and wonderful. Going back to places is always so interesting because you have such a different perspective on life.

  5. Those pictures are so neat. :D Looks like so much fun. I love the teddy bears, wayyy tooo cute. I don’t like the color orange either so I used tan although my italics are orange. Oh well. :| I’ll probably change them sooner or later. Glad you like the layout. :D

  6. OH CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE THE 2000 COMMENTER ON MY SITE! You win free advertisement for two months & I’ll plug you in my next 2 blogs. :) Awesome, right? haha. :D I will have your button on rotation soon!

  7. Ooh, I love the pictures of the love locks. There’s something similar at Yellow Mountain in China, except without notes attached to the locks. I would love to put a love lock somewhere XD

    And, I would totally go to a teddy bear museum XD

  8. c h l o e on

    you have to be my tour guide when I go to s.korea in 2 years alright?! ^-^ i will definitely go to namsan tower~

    i just adore your pictures and LOL a teddy bear museum?! but i must admit…those kumas are soooooo cute! ahahaha i wanna bring them home and put them in my room…if they fit! LOL! but woah…you should have taken the bus~ i cant imagine being cramped up in a vehicle with lots of people…wait lol i grew up like that *when i was still in the philippines*. those love locks are sweet though~ i wonder if the couples who made those can still find theirs when they go back there….ahahahha!

  9. Cynthia on

    That ice cream looks like our Dip n Dots! I love that stuff, rainbow is the best. :D

    Aww, 5$ for cable car seems good enough. It’s fun to look at the sights, right? LOL.

  10. thanks for sharing. lolz how was the ice cream? is it good. good weather while you were out. I like your blog! take care!

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