Oops, Wrong Car!

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Whenever I hang out with my friend “Alex”, who can use the family car at times, we seem to run into some interesting car problems. A few months ago, Alex came to hang out in my neighbourhood, so he drove himself over and parked the car. We hung out and when it was time to go back, we walked back to his car . . . only to see his car lights on, which drained his car batteries. We had to wait about thirty minutes for someone to drive by to help jump start the car.

Last night, he picked me up after work, and we were going to go hang out in Itaewon. Well, we parked near there, and we were heading to Itaewon before I realised I didn’t go to the ATM! So we went back to his car and the following scenario happened:

Both: *gets in the car*
Alex: *puts the key in the ignition but is struggling with the turning process* That’s odd, it won’t start.
Me: What? Let me try. *tries and fails utterly* The hell?
Alex: *goes out and tries to unlock the door from his side, but it didn’t work* It’s not working. Can you try your door?
Me: *tries the door but it doesn’t work* It’s not working.
Alex: Hmmm, this is strange.
Me: I don’t understand how the key suddenly not works. Is this the right car?!
Alex: *pauses and looks around* Oh my god! This isn’t my car!
Me: What?!
Both: *quickly gets out*
Me: *nearly laughs herself onto the ground*

Basically, his car model is really common, and we were parked right next to another car of the same model . . . so apparently he mistook that for his. That car happened to be unlocked, so we just went in without a glance until the key problem started happening. ~___~;; What a stupid but hilarious situation. I’m just glad that car didn’t have a car alarm! Otherwise, we’d have some police action hovering over us. OI. At least we learned a valuable lesson from this. Make sure it’s the right car!

On a side note: I decided to close my fanlistings because I kind of messed something up (long story short: I was hacked into something, so a lot of password changing ensured), and it wouldn’t fix. Beside, I’ve been meaning to close them for a while now, so this was just a good excuse to take into consideration. Along with my fanlistings, I decided to close the eFiction version of my HP/RL fanfictions archive. So now my sites list look shorter.


  1. Oh dear!! Ha, that’s so hilarious! I’d be freaking out for sure, hehe. I’m surprised they didn’t lock their door – pretty risky!

  2. Hahaha, I actually did that once at my college. My car model is completely popular and half the school drove it. I was so embarassed. There were FOUR of the same cars lined up next to each other.

  3. You guys have very interesting adventures together. Good thing the owner of the car wasn’t there to see it all.

  4. Wow, I can’t believe people would leave their cars unlocked. I’m too paranoid to leave the car unlocked. Thank goodness the car key didn’t work, since I have heard of stories where the keys just happened to match and the person drove it away without realizing it until later.

  5. Felisa on

    Hahahaha Oh my gosh! and I thought it was TERRIBLE when I ended up trying to open the wrong locker in high school… I think trying to drive the wrong car might be even worse :P

  6. LOL!! That’s absolutely hilarious!

  7. rofl okay that has got to be super hilarious if i were in that situation. i don’t think i would get away with it because i have a laugh that could be heard all the way in africa.


  8. Hahaha..Oh my gosh… Lol xD That’s super hilarious..I would never stop laughing about that :P I can’t believe that the owner of the car left it open..That’s pretty weird :S

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