Portie the Netbook

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This year marks to be one heck of a “tech gadgety” year. Six months ago, I had a custom computer made for me, called Provo. Last month, I purchased Medea the PSP.

Now I am here to introduce a new love of mine! Formerly known as Nettie, here is Portie (short for “portability”) the Netbook! Here’s the Amazon product’s page.

I got this baby second-hand for $200 bucks, plus a free carrying bag. :D I am very excited! I already checked it out earlier, and whoever complained it was too slow are wrong. I think it runs at the right speed for something like this! Of course trying to run Adobe Photoshop, plus messengers, plus browsers, plus whatever will be out of the question, but for a simple word processing and internet browsing tool, this is perfect!


  1. Eileen on

    :) Slick! I just ordered a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 and I’m super psyched. Your Acer looks great.

    I need to replace my desktop too :( Never a Dell again — It’s given me NOTHING BUT ISSUES! Any recos?

  2. Ongaku on

    Seems to be the perfect web surf and school computer. xD My laptop would be something like that as well. xD

  3. It’s SO cute! Portie is such a perfect name for the little guy!

  4. NICCCCEEE! You got yourself a pretty sweet deal.

  5. Awesome! I love the name you gave it!

  6. Portie is such a cute name for a netbook! LOL!

  7. eek that is such a cute notebook, it’s really small and you’re lucky to get it for $200 only :D

  8. Whoa that’s cheap! And cute. XD Congrats on the purchase!

  9. God i’m still living in the age of ‘notebook’ being an actual notebook…

    I know crap all about computers so I can only comment on how it looks and I would describe as ‘sleek and liquid sexy’. I also know enough about computers to know that $200 is a pretty sweet deal, so congratulations!

    Oh and also i’ve given up on the layout… I’ve scrapped three already.

  10. Cute! I love it! I’ve had an Eee PC since they first came out, and I have the first model too! Awesome deal on this, nicely done. :P

  11. That little Portie looks very lovely!

  12. Congrats on getting a netbook! It’s cute :3

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