The 10th Korea Queer Culture Festival Post (A Month Late!)

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

Last month, in early June, a friend notified me about the 10th Korea Queer Culture Festival event that was to occur on Saturday, June 13, 2009. We decided to go check it out, despite me being a heterosexual. XD We went and checked it out, but we couldn’t attend the actual parade and the partying at the club in Itaewon, but from what we saw, it was quite an interesting experience! As a firm believer of GLBT rights, it pleased me to see such a thing in conservative South Korea! Now let’s have the pictures speak its words! Beware, a couple of the pictures are NOT SAFE FOR WORK (the ones after the truck — two pictures aren’t worksafe). Well, they do depict artistic nudity, so you have been warned! :D

These were the signs and booths for the area. Each booths represented various organisations (like the Chingusai one) and whatnot. We were able to buy buttons and other little stuff to show our support for these people. :D I loved the “God Made the Queer” table poster on that booth, so I had to take a picture of it. And no, I’m an Atheist, but that message grabbed my heart. Btw, the balloons were awesome!

These two trucks were to be used in the parade — or so was my educated guess. And the last picture is of some sort of a wish tree. Again, that was with my educated guess. XD

The butt picture board cracked me up. The Korean phrase there said “Raise up your butt”! Go butt power! Also, they were spray painting this gorgeous picture representing lesbian love. I thought it was beautiful. Also the two people in the bunny ears and the school girl outfit (worn by a guy) were representing the GLBT teenager organisation. I saw these two prancing around, and they were just adorable! <3 Oh and I started to decorate my bag with the buttons (I have 5 of them on there now) and had my rainbow flag. Lastly, I had to showcase that pink shirt. I’d never wear it myself (because of my hatred for the colour), but it was still an awesome shirt.

This event was being held at the Berlin Square (or Plaza) in downtown Seoul. They named that area specifically after Berlin because part of its famous wall was there. :D I GOT TO TOUCH ACTUAL HISTORY! WHOO HOO! And that bear was next to the wall. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to represent other than that Korean mythology about the bear turning into a woman to be Tangun’s wife or something.

Well, that’s it! Hope the pictures were well viewed! Other than that, this post proves one thing: I am the Queen of Procrastination! :D


  1. Sounds and looks really interesting!! I love the photos you took! The butt poster cracked me up too!!

  2. You know I love these pictures. What an awesome event!

  3. Oh! Wow, it does look like Berlin. :D Why do you have the Berlin Wall there? Also, the bear is the symbol of Berlin as well. I said it looks like Berlin because they have bears like that all over the place! It’s really awesome.

    That looks like such a cool festival! Glad to hear it takes place there!

  4. oh wow that’s really cool that they have it in korea :D

    i am reading this post here in the office haha

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