Hotel Decisions Drive Me Crazy

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After debating between London (too expensive and the one-way 24-hour flight turned me off), Sydney (less expensive than London, but I’d still spend a heck of a time on the plane), Manila (nothing to do there since I am not a beach or a mall person), and Tokyo the last two months of where I should go travelling in October, I finally decided to just say hell with it and go with Tokyo since that’s the place I’d feel most comfortable going by myself! I originally was going to go with a friend, but that didn’t fall through.

Now that Tokyo’s finally decided, now’s the time to choose the hotel. And now I’m stuck. Here’s my little dilemma:

Hotel #1: Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu
* A 3.5 star hotel.
* Cost for 6 nights + flight = $1,100+
* In a central location, meaning it’s a few subway stop away from Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, and etcetera.
* Subway is right across the street from the hotel called Akasaka-Mitsuke Station.
* Has airport limousine and a shuttle bus to Disneyland.
* A clinic is right next door where the doctor speaks some English.
* This is where I stayed before.

Problem: The price. I mean because it’s expensive I was actually contemplating cutting down my travel day from 6 nights to 4 if I went with this hotel. Meaning I’d have less days in Tokyo, but it’s the only way to cut that hotel fee down!

Hotel #2: b ikebukuro
* A 2.5 star hotel.
* Cost for 6 nights + flight = $860+
* It’s all the way in Ikebukuro . . . which is about 30-40 minute subway ride from the central location of Akasaka.
* Subway is 3 minutes away at Ikebukuro Station.
* Has an airport limousine that drops you off at the nearby Sunshine City Prince Hotel.
* This area is where Otome Road is. AKA TC’s heaven of yaoi merchandise *_*.
* Oh. Apparently it’s a new hotel. O_O;; They just opened last month . . .

Problem: The hotel’s location is quite far from everything BUT Otome Road! Meaning I’m going to be spending a heck of a lot of time on the subway and paying for it as well. However, I do get two extra days in the city with this hotel. So that means, I can see more stuff than in four nights, right?

My question to you guys: would you rather spend the extra money for a hotel in a more centralised location or would you rather save that money and spend it on transportation since the hotel that’s far away is cheaper but . . . well location sort of sucks?!

See what kind of a pickle I’m in? Actually, no. Once I figure this part out, the most difficult part about this trip? Telling my mother that I’m going by myself. Even Dad said she’s going to flip out if I tell her that. Man.

Oh and spending money? Well, for a 6 nights trip, I was planning to take $2000 bucks . . . but if I do choose Akasaka as my hotel then I’d definitely cut my travels to four nights and only take $1500. Or maybe $2000 just in case.


  1. Kimberly on

    I’d go for the closer hotel. That way you’d spend less time in transit and more time enjoying your vacation. I’m of the option if it’s a vacation, you should splurge, but that’s just me. :D

  2. Caity on

    I’d go for the more expensive hotel that is closer. I really think that spending extra money to make the vacation better is usually well worth it. To me, you’re spending the money anyway so why not make it the best that it can be. I also agree with Kimberly – you’ll spend less time traveling and more time vacationing!

  3. Felisa on

    I’d go for the more expensive hotel with the great location. If you had a lot of time, then go for the cheaper hotel but because you’re in a place that you won’t be staying in for a long time, you definitely want to be somewhere where you can maximize the length of your trip.

    PS: I’m so jealous!!! Have fun!

  4. I’d go for the more expensive hotel. Just because it’d make things easy on you. Sure it’ll be a little bit expensive, but hey, at least you get to go. So you may or may not get to spend as much money as you want, but at least you’ll be getting to go to Tokyo. Anyway, I have linked you on my site, and thought I’d stop by and say hey. Take care and hope you’re doing well?

  5. I’d rather spend more days there and stay in a cheaper hotel. Aren’t there any cheap hostels you can stay in in Japan?

  6. papa2hapa on

    I’d go for central location. Transportation in Japan was ridiculously expensive and traffic can be a time killer. However, remember that star ratings in Tokyo and all of Asia is different. There are some good alternatives, because the hotels that are even 3 stars are still quite good!

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