Favourite Disney Flicks

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I recently bought The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under on DVD. Over the years I have been trying to buy the DVD version of the films I liked as a kid, and of course I was into the whole Walt Disney Animated Classics shebang growing up! However, what I liked as a child and disliked as a child came with me into adulthood, and I’ve decided to only replace what I loved back then. These are the films I liked as a kid and want or will get on DVD or whatever one day.

  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians — Never mind all those classics that came before this one, I’ll take this over them any day! Gotta love those dogs and Cruella De Vil. I was so happy to finally get this on DVD since I gave my VHS tape to my cousin who then gave it away . . . so I had no way of obtaining that back into my hands!
  • Robin Hood — Come on. I still think Robin Hood had the sexiest voice ever — even if he wasn’t British, hahaha! And Prince John? He just cracks me up.
  • The Rescuers — Miss Bianca and Bernard are made of many wins. Plus, the Rescue Aid Society’s song is just damn catchy!
  • The Little Mermaid — I need to get the DVD for this one day. The film that began the Disney Renaissance collection :D The film that started to have those songs a lot of us are familiar with. The only thing I could never understand was — something I wondered when I got older — was why didn’t Ariel try to write her problem out to the prince or something.
  • The Rescuers Down Under — Not as great as the first one, but still perhaps the only Disney sequel that turned out well. But did anybody notice how different Miss Bianca sounded in this one? I mean, yeah there was like a fifteen year difference since the first film, but still?
  • Beauty and the Beast — Artistically and musically, this is my favourite Disney film of all. That beautiful opening scene still makes me go GUH. I love bookish Belle and all those characters at the castle. Plus, that library the Beast shows Belle? May I steal it?! Oh and let me bonk myself on the head for not getting the DVD when it first came out (actually, I didn’t even know it came out until two years ago ~_~;;). Now I have to either get it from a third-party seller or . . . wait until Disney releases it again.
  • The Lion King — I love this one, too, but I hate how it is a rip-off of Tezuka-sama’s Kimba the White Lion series. However, if I can ignore that blatantly, obvious “theft”, I adore this film regardless. Don’t get me started on Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

The following films are honourable mentions — films I should like but . . . I will not buy the DVD or whatever for.

  • Any of the classics like Pinocchio, The Sleeping Beauty, and etcetera — They just never made it special for me. Some of the films I watched a lot, but it still didn’t grab me like the ones above did! Oh well.
  • Pocahontas — This film holds a special spot in my heart because it’s the first film I saw in a theatre. Plus, “Colours of the Wind” is probably my favourite Disney song of them all. But everything else is just blahhhh.
  • Hercules — I liked it, I had fun watching it, but I HATED their portrayal of Hades. I know the film needed a villain, but if anybody had to be a villain, why couldn’t it be Hera? Hades is my favourite Greek deity, so to see that awful image of him in the film . . . I wanted to throw something at the screen and the writers!

Anyway, what are your favourite Walt Disney Animated Classics?


  1. I really loved The Aristocats and Matilda. I seriously need to buy them on DVD.

    And of course: Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King.

  2. Felisa on

    BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!! Even though the Beast does look like Fabio when he first turns into a man. Haha That scene never fails to crack me up :P

    And I always wondered why Ariel didn’t take a piece of paper and a pen and explain the whole situation too! I can watch that movie over and over again. I especially love the “Kiss The Girl” scene.

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