Magic Knight Rayearth II Review

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Years ago, I watched the first part of this anime series, and I loved it. I thought it had a great balance of humour/drama, had the whole travel to another world plotline, had awesome primary and secondary characters, and it was generally fun! Sometime last year or the one before, I finally decided to get the second season DVD set. I finally got off my lazy arse and watched it yesterday and today.

The Goods
* Lantis, Eagle, Geo, Zazu, and big!Ascot are LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Especially Ascot! And Eagle. *swoons* Oh and add Clef to the list. Only he’d be cooler if he was big!Clef like Ascot. :D And while I would add Ferio and Lafarga to the list, those two didn’t really strike me as OMG, I LOVE THEM type.
* Those boys I mentioned previously? Now do some mixing and matching with any of the boys, and you will get some wonderful yaoi pairing opportunities. XD Especially Lantis/Eagle and Geo/Eagle.
* Lady Aska and Sanyun were really adorable!
* Mokona is still the most awesome little fluffball in the world. He’s way cooler and better than Mashimaro, who I think is just a rip-off of Mokona.
* I actually liked the character portrayals and the interaction amongst the secondary characters in this season.
* The fact that the series did pick up at the end of the first season excited me.
* Giant Sanyun! I want one of those as a plushie. :D

The Bads
* This season was indeed darker than the first. While I thought the first season had a nice balance of humour/drama, this one was mostly 15% humour 85% angst/drama/BLAHGARONIs.
* Those, er, genie dudes that made Umi and Lady Aska sick? I still don’t see what was so sick about them? I mean, yes, they were . . . not appealing, but they could have been more disgusting!
* Eagle’s aftermath . . . let’s just say I am not happy. GRRRRRR.
* The opening/ending theme songs didn’t do anything for me. The ones they used for the first season were much better.
* I WANTED MORE ASCOT, DAMMIT! He needed more screen time!

The Uglies
* ARGH! The pacing, the effing pacing of this season was a killer. I don’t know why, but I felt like most of the parts were dragged out unnecessarily or cut too sudden to the point I’m scratching my head going, WTF?
* All the flashbacks of the first season and the recap at the beginning of each episode also probably ruined the pacing for me.
* Nova and Hikaru. Those two characters pissed me off the most throughout the series. Nova’s action drove me nuts. Talk about one crazy, bi-polar girl.
* The romance. Oh, Gods. No. I can see Ferio and Fuu, but . . . Hikaru and her main love interest made no sense to me. And Umi’s? Well, her romance with Mr. Shortie made no sense to me either! The big dude, I can see, though!

I’ll take the first season in terms of plot, pacing, and the humour/drama balance. The second is great in the bishounen department, at least, but I’ll take the first any day. Actually, I’ll take the second for a couple of things: Eagle and Ascot. *DROOLS* But I’d rather gorge my eyes than watch it again any time soon. If I have to see another pink or red-haired chick in the next two months, I’ll puke.

Speaking of pink-haired chick . . . was it me or does Utena look sort of like a creepy copycat of Nova? Perhaps it’s just me.


  1. I didn’t know they had a second season. Man, I’m so out of the loop…

  2. Leanne on

    Kimchi Grandma is the name of Korean Restaurant. HAHAH~

    I haven’t started watching any new Anime recently… I have been very loyal to Naruto, hahaha

  3. I read the first season of the MKR manga… ages and ages ago. I used to really like CLAMP, heh. But based on your review, and especially the pacing part, I will probably not see the anime. Also, I do not have time! Oops.

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