Favourite Internet Applications

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I’ve been trying and experimenting with several different apps that I use through the Internet. With that said, I am here to share my favourite ones that I will not be able to live without.

Firefox is one of the many browsers out there that’s an alternative to Internet Explorer, and I love it! I love how you customise it, the tabbed browsing (even though IE and other browsers have them now), the built-in spell-checker, and all the themes and add-ons you can install. Here are a list of my favourite Firefox add-ons:

  • Adblock Plus — This thing is godly. With it, I can block a lot of website advertisement or stuff that simply gets in my way. I praise the person who created this add-on. Without it, I’d go out of my mind.
  • FEBE — This backup extension for Firefox is something I have to have since I like to backup stuff with this. It can backup themes, add-ons, and even your bookmarks! Very handy.
  • FireFTP — After discovering this, I no longer needed a separate FTP programme. This does everything I require for my website and am happy with it.
  • FoxClocks — Since I have friends all over the world, this is handy to have to show me times in different zones! Now I can convert the US times to Korea times, but Europe still drives me nuts, so hence my usage of this extension.
  • Gmail Notifier — I am not always on my email, so this notifying me is simply the best thing ever.
  • Livejournal Addons — This is used to notify me when my friendlist is updated. I don’t use it for anything else, really, but it’s handy that way.
  • SkipScreen — Just discovered this and am amazed by it! Now when I download something, I no longer have to wait for that “Wait 60 seconds before your download start” crap! This extension skips the waiting for you at sites like Media Upload. Woot!
  • Web Developer — Any webdesigner must have this extensions. I like to use it to disable CSS (especially if it’s a hideous looking page), to validate my codes, and other stuff with it.
  • Yoono — Since I wanted an app that would let me cross-post to Twitter and Facebook Status, I decided to try this. Before this, I tried TweetDeck, which was good, but I didn’t want a separate programme. I wanted something like TwitterFox, and I finally found it! Yay for Yoono!

Pidgin is like Trillian. Only difference is that you don’t have to pay for “extra features” like you do with Trillian. Plus, Pidgin is open-source, and I’d rather support open-source than closed-source. I started to use Pidgin only a few months ago. See, years ago, I tried Trillian and HATED it. Therefore, I would just have separate IM programmes opened instead of using one single client. Well, that changed when I got Provo made. I finally decided to try Pidgin, and I love it! Why? Well it supports tabbed IM (how cool is that?!), and it has a built-in spell-checker like Firefox. Those two features was enough to win me over. Plus, you can keep logs, and if you use GoogleTalk, Pidgin will also save your logs into your Gmail account, too. Simply put, this programme is NIFTY.

Anyway, what are your favourite apps and why? Tell me about it! I like trying new apps, and as long as it doesn’t piss me off, I’ll stick with it. :D Oh, and I’m a Windows user. Mac-only apps won’t be tried by me. ^^;;


  1. I sort of use Pidgin. It used to be Gaim, and I’m currently using an old version of that XD;;

    As for Firefox add ons, I can’t live without Firebug. It let’s you see what CSS attributes are affecting elements of your page, what scripts are running, and the timing on loading. It also let’s you dynamically change the HTML and CSS, which is great for debugging!

  2. I love FF but lately Chrome has been my default browser because it’s just FAST. I hate how FF lags when you open it. Chrome has a couple major flaws that haven’t been fixed yet (eg. no auto-fill) but I still use it a lot more than any other browswer.

  3. Ongaku on

    I had such a hard time moving to firefox but when I finally did I couldn’t even think to use anything else. I think the spell check saves my life the most because I always make so many typos with the speed that I type. Which is why talking to me o MSN could be like trying to solve a puzzle. LOL

    I need to try Adblock Plus… Pop ups are sooooo annoying. I was just afraid to do anything for the fear of my computer lagging.

    I didn’t really care for FireFTP I used it some for work until I found FileZilla. xD

    Sadly, I check my mail everyday except for my more personal one. Oh noes.. I live a sad life.

    Hum.. Pidgin sounds interesting I might have to give it a try sometimes cause it is a pain in the arse to have to sign on to my AIM and MSN at the same time.

  4. I use TwitterFox and FoxClock, and a couple more but I can’t remember what they are so they’re not important.

  5. Gmail Notifier would be a bad thing for me; I’m trying to get used to checking my e-mail less often. I’m so dependent on e-mail it’s scary. FireFTP is the greatest though. I also really like Session Manager… and Deutsches W√∂rterbuch (German dictionary). That last probably won’t help you though!

    As a happy Mac user ;) I have Adium as my version of Pidgin and I like it a lot. Except for some reason it thinks my dad’s Gmail chat is part of LiveJournal’s Jabber and signs him on when I’m not signed in to GChat there. SO WEIRD. And yes, I sign in to LiveJournal chat with it for some reason. I should stop, no one else uses it…

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