Being a “Loan-er”

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Starting last Tuesday, I became an item on loan. Basically, I am on loan to work at my old job place, the day care centre. See, my current job is still under the same organisation as the day care centre — just an entirely different branch — so the employees within the organisations can be shuffled from one branch to another.

What happened was two weeks ago, I received a call from my boss. The day care centre was really short-staffed, so they desperately requested “volunteers” to come help them out. My boss thought of me since I used to work there, and he called asking if I wouldn’t mind helping out since I have the most experience amongst my colleagues. I told him that I’d be more than happy to help them out on one condition: I demand request either preschool or kindergarten as my primary age group. He called and passed my request, to which they granted. YAY.

Thus, I am coming towards the end of my second week as being a person on loan. My boss told me that this jig would last a few weeks. I don’t mind. I actually missed the preschoolers — in fact, I am back in my old room — and I have missed the dynamics of the centre. The differences of the two branches are natural since my current job deals with middle and high schoolers, but everything else about that place make me feel like I am returning home, to an extent. Of course, coming back here have made me realise there are some things I do NOT miss period, but everything has their cons!

Let’s see how long I survive this place. I only wish I could use a whistle or a bullhorn instead of my voice to get the kids’ attentions. *sighs*


  1. Ongaku on

    That’s cool. It’s good that you like it too. xD

    That is sort of what happened to my mother when the nursing home she worked at got bought out. Then they moved her to a different place that they owned as well. Course, hers was permanent. xD

  2. It’s always nice to switch things up a bit. It makes you appreciate certain things more.

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