New Blogging Project

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Okay, enough shameless plugging. This is a new blogging project that I came up with to do with a friend. We decided to come up with aliases with titles (Baron Barbarossa and Countess Copernicus at your service!) and collaborate on writing blog entries together. Whenever we get together, we have the strangest and the most awesome conversations together, and so we decided to share the weirdness through the Internet with typed up words! Considering that he and I are busy, though, I predict that we will be blogging very sporadically. But hey! Better than nothing :D

Anyway, I hope you guys all check it out and leave some feedback. :D We’d love to hear suggestions and whatnot! Thanks!


  1. Leanne on

    oooo sounds like an interesting idea!

  2. Love the idea too, it’s sounds like fun to read.

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