Bennigan’s and Myeong-Dong Equal Fun Times

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I had already planned this day out earlier this week, where I would head to a nearby Bennigan’s for dinner and then have fun at Myeong-dong, where my sole purpose was to finally get a picture of this ice cream that’s famous there. And I did that plus more! I love it when my day turned out to be better than I originally anticipated. It turned out to be really great! And luckily, I managed to take some pictures to showcase my night.

Delicious Dinner at Bennigan’s
After I finished work, I headed to Bennigan’s at the Seoul Station Branch. I ordered what I always order when I am at Bennigan’s: their yummy Monte Cristo sandwich. Mmmmm. I’m not a big ham sandwich fan, but I’ll eat theirs, along with their delicious orangeade. Too bad their fries were salty as heck, though! Otherwise, it was a lovely dinner. I only wished I remembered to take pictures of the dinner. D’oh!

32 Centimetre Ice Cream Cone Anyone?
Over the years, I had kept on blogging about this ice cream cone place in Myeong-dong, a place where you could get a 32 centimetres ice cream cone for cheap, but I never could get a picture of it. Well, I finally did, and here are the images for you to all enjoy! This place is called “32 파르페” (32 Parfait), and it’s a must to come by here at least once if you’re in the area.

These cones are bloody cheap! The regular chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate-vanilla-mixed are all 1,000 won ($0.85). The other flavours such as green tea, mango, yoghurt, and etcetera all cost a bit more at 1,500 won ($1.25), but hey, it’s still freaking cheap! Anyway, I ended up getting yoghurt flavour, which is what I always get, and my friend, Roy, tried the mango one, which didn’t taste very good.

A Break at Patio and a Quick Mother’s Day Shopping Spree
Next stop happened to be a cafe, called Patio, I like to go whenever I’m in Myeong-dong. I like it because it’s a comfortable place, and well, I like how they give us free cake, haha! So there, I had iced royal milk tea, and my friend ordered green tea, which came in the cutest little teapot ever! I would have so taken the teapot if I could!

Oh yeah. I took a picture of that menu because of a typo. For those who haven’t noticed, apparently “mile” is now “milk”. XD It’s not really a funny typo, but it still stood out for me to go WTF. Then again, nothing beats the “cherry cock” (supposed to be “coke”) typo I saw in a cafe in Dongdaemun!

After a brief break, we then went shopping for our mothers. Yay for being in one of Seoul’s popular shopping area in the first place!

Never People-Watch in Front of a Hot Advertisement
When finished with shopping, we sat in front of Migliore’s (a department store) stage to do some people-watching. We did see some interesting people go by, but this huge picture distracted us because the dude was extremely droolworthy of our attention!

I am not a big Calvin Klein fan, but I must give them kudos in their selection of models. Definitely BIG kudos. :D

That’s it! That was my night! What a blast. :D


  1. Amanda on

    OMG, that icecream is insane! How fast would you have to eat it to make sure it doesn’t melt?

  2. Felisa on

    I want that ice cream! And ditto Amanda’s question. I’d probably lick it insanely fast. Haha

    …that sounded wrong.

  3. That ice cream looks awesome XD The height on it is so tall though. I’d be afraid of accidently knocking it over, haha.

    Ooh, that is a cute teapot. I don’t even drink tea, but I’d probably buy that if I saw it, lol.

  4. Holy crap! I want some cheap ice cream! That’s so high!!!

  5. Oooh, the ice-cream looks sooo yummy, I feel like having some right now. I can feel myself drooling over the tall ice-cream with so many flavours, I bet I can finish it with just a few licks, haha…

  6. Ongaku on

    He is about to have an Ongaku on his ice cream. Hehehe

    Oh great, look what you have done! Now I want ice cream and I’m still stuck at work for another… 6 hours! nnuuuhh! lol

  7. Ritai on

    wow! 32 cm ice cream! amazing! wish they had that here! sounds like you had a great time!

  8. Kwang Lee on

    I love Myeong-Dong!!! That’s my favorite place to hang out whenever I’m in Seoul! I think I remember seeing that ice cream there too!

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