A Motley Week

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I really am neglecting this place. O_O;; Need to stop doing that! Then again, I’ve been pursuing other interests in the past couple of weeks, and many stuff had happened to me this week. Sort of. Here’s a short recap of each thing I decided am in love with this week.

Regarding the previous entry, I am obsessing over Dreamwidth. I don’t know why, but I must have gone temporarily insane for buying a permanent seed account there. Now I just hope they don’t die within the next few years, or I will be pissed at how that money’s been tossed away from me!

The Godfather Trilogy
I ordered The Godfather trilogy box-set nearly three years ago. Procrastinating Champion at your service! I finally took the plunge and watched the films. My reaction? Oh. My. God. I want to bonk myself on my head and yell, “Tara, why the hell did you wait this long to watch a great trilogy?!” (Well, the first two were great; the third was so-so.) My love for Mafia is renewed, and I want to watch The Goodfellas, The Untouchables, Scarface (1983 version), and other Mafia-related films, and re-watch Once Upon a Time in America. Yes, I have strange taste.

Michael Corleone
Michael Corleone may be a villain, but he’s an awesome villain. His character absolutely fascinates me, and I actually view him as the perfect example of a Byronic Hero of some sort. Or a fallen hero. Actually, a combination of both. He’s so damn ruthless, but the way he’s so protective of those who are loyal to him . . . that just swept me away to another dimension. I see him as a sympathetic character, and I told that to this one friend of mine, and he called me a “bleeding heart liberal”. I guess I am! :D

Al Pacino
My first exposure to Pacino was in Angels in America, where he played a closeted homosexual real-life character named Roy Cohn, a man famous for persecuting the Rosenbergs in the McCarthy era. I recalled someone telling me that Pacino’s voice changed drastically over the years compared to his earlier roles, and after I saw him as Michael Corleone . . . HOLY COW. His voice was so different, and he looked really cute back then, and he still does, to an extent! Now I must check his A Scent of a Woman out!

Tim Tams
These biscuits are addicting! A friend who visited Australia last summer tried some, fell in love with it, and then when we went to this local Australian restaurant in Itaewon, he bought some imported Tim Tams. He gave me some, and that was my first exposure to this snack. Now I consider this one sinfully delicious snack! Mmmm. Chocolatey goodness! I’ve been craving some, so today — the same friend accompanied me — I decided to check this foreign food market in Oksu/Hannam-dong area. After a painful journey, I figured that it was worth the trouble since I did find some Tim Tams and bought some.

Oi, Australian readers, how much are they in Australia? I’m just curious since one package was about 4,000 won = $3.50ish USD.

This has been a crazy week for me. Some ways good, and some ways not so good . . . but I’ve only blogged about the goods! ^_^


  1. Now I just hope they don’t die within the next few years, or I will be pissed at how that money’s been tossed away from me!

    Haha. Tell me about it! XD

  2. Just like you, I’m always fascinated by villains in movies. I don’t know why but I kind of adore their notoriety and the way they’re able to get off easily with their wrongdoings like masterminds. I remember when I watched V for Vendetta a few years back, I find myself really addicted to this character.

    I couldn’t agree more that Tim Tams are truly addicting, especially the Choco Cappuccino flavour! I’m so tempting to have a bite now, haha…

  3. Hmm..I’ve never had a Tim Tam before. I guess I need to find some.

  4. Belinda on

    Mmm Tim Tams. There’s a whole range of Tim Tam related stuff here, like hot chocolate. But for a pack of your average Tim Tam biscuits, they cost about AUD$3.10, which is currently about US$2.33. A delicious and affordable snack. :D

  5. Amanda on

    ^ Adding to what Belinda said, our major supermarket chains (Coles/Safeway) will do specials on Tim Tams every couple of weeks. I tend to pick up a couple of packets at about $2 a pack. :D

  6. Felisa on


    He was no longer a dashing man by the time he made those movies but in his heydays, he was steaming hot! And the man is an AMAZING actor… He totally makes the Godfather movies!

  7. Becca on

    mmm! those biscuits look good!!!

  8. I’ve been meaning to watch the Godfather trilogy one of these days… Procrastination on my part too XD;; And ooh, those biscuits look good. I don’t think I’ve seen them around here.

  9. Wow, that really makes me want some chocolaty snacks. Also! I’m curious, what do you like about Dreamwidth? I’m just kind of curious what makes it different from Livejournal.

  10. Ongaku on

    Villains are fun! The only thing I can think of where I like the villains more than the good guys right now is Bleach. X_X

    I don’t know about that whole dreamwidth thing. I think I will wait on it but even still I may never get one because I’m already swamped with websites and blogs. Hopefully your money doesn’t go to waste though.

  11. Kimberly on

    I got a Dreamwidth too, but I can’t help but feel like it is JUST livejournal with slightly different options. I’m kind of upset almost that it’s a clone. I hope they add something that makes it worth using otherwise what’s the point?

  12. Leanne on

    we have packets and packets of timtams in our cupboard. hahaha~ when they go on sale, mum goes crazy :P

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