Dreamwidth Me!

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I finally received an invite code to Dreamwidth, and whoah, it’s bloody nifty! I haven’t been this excited about a new Internet “toy” since when I discovered Facebook several years ago, haha! Despite it being in beta stages right now, I’m liking it so far! I’m glad I got that invite code! I’ve been wanting to try it (and snag my username, muhahaha), and I certainly do not regret it!

Aside from this discovery, nothing exciting is happening to me, unless you count office drama and BS, which is not something I shall be writing about here (at least on this blog). Aside from that nastiness, I’m re-reading The Lord of the Rings, hanging out with friends, and am trying to fill this entry up with nonsense. XD Honestly, I only wrote this entry up so I could test JournalPress onto both LJ and DW.

Enough babbling from me. Time to click “publish”.


  1. Ooh!! What’s this Dreamwidth thing? Looks cool!! :D

  2. Omg I want to reread LOTR too now except I’m in the middle of a couple of books right now. I think I’ll watch the movies tonight now since you mentioned it.

  3. Ah, another DREAMINGWIDTH YAY person, I see. Heheh, just kidding. I’ve never been all that into LJ so naturally Dreamwidth doesn’t excite me as much as it does the others. So, um, good luck, have fun or something? :P

  4. I feel guilty for not having read the LOTR series yet. I watched the movies, but I haven’t read a single book. I think I’ll do it this summer after I get back from Geneva.

  5. Oh I hadn’t heard of this until now! I’m excited to see the unveiling soon!

  6. D: re-reading lotr ??? I can barely sit my butt down long enough to watch the movies ahahaha….

  7. I have only visited Dreamwidth a few times but I don’t know if I will ever join it… who knows though, I never thought I would use my LJ account much either and now look at me haha!

    Ug.. work drama. I never talk about my work drama on my open blog in fear of someone from my job reading it. Especially since my boss is so nosy about my websites.

  8. Oh you must really like Lord of the Rings.
    I am sad to say, I have slept through the Lord of the Rings movies. I think I have watched the second one, than the first. XD
    I guess that type of movies and storyline is just not interesting and my friend looks disapproving and says, ” You don’t understand the story line at all!” hehehe

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