Amazon Fail Situation

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For those who are unaware, Amazon is being cuntastically uncool about stripping off ranks and eliminating GLBT-themed literature from their global search engines. Not to mention, when you do the “All Departments” search for “homosexuality”, the results are horrendously appalling!

Basically, any gay eroticas (apparently straight eroticas included, too), any YA books that have GLBT themes, are being discriminated upon. Not all are being discriminated upon, but a lot of them are. Some of the authors contacted Amazon directly about this, but they were basically told that adult-themed literature were being taken off of the global search and not ranked any longer. However, later, after many people contacted them, they said it was a “glitch” in the system . . . Glitch my arse. People can be stupid, but in this case, we know it’s not a freaking glitch.

Here are some links about the situation for those who are in the dark about it.

* Here’s a nice LJ entry that explains the start of it all.
* Here’s an entry — after you scroll down a bit — that has a compilation of major articles that are floating around the web about this whole #amazonfail situation. Also the entry has a link to a petition.
* Here’s an interesting theory about what may have happened with Amazon’s so-called “glitch”. Now whether it’s true or not, it is an interesting angle, but I don’t think it’s really true.
* Twitter’s storm about this whole thing. The real-time updates are — WOW. Talk about hard to keep up.
* List of books that are affected in this “glitch”.

As a long-time, loyal customer of Amazon, I have to say that I am pretty miffed about this. I depended on them to get stuff I could never get here, and I depended on them for the fact that they are one of the few online retailers to be NICE about shipping to US military addresses — which I have. To read and hear about all this is really disappointing. I do hope they fix all this!

ETA: So an explanation pops up. Great. That’s something. I can accept that it’s a glitch. What I can’t accept are the facts that this started in February, and that the authors received notification about their works being targeted because it was deemed “adult”. Bah.

Just give us a formal apology, especially to the authors/writers affected, and make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen again!


  1. Wow, I was totally unaware of this. *sigh* And I use Amazon for just about all of my online shopping…

  2. Whoa, I didn’t know about the Amazon issue either. I seldom shop online but I definitely agree, let’s hope that this will never happen again.

  3. I’m not really surprised. Everyone says how wonderful Amazon is but they have pissed me off a few times too many when it comes to my orders and the false stats they have on the merchandise. Oh well, it’s still better in price than most places, especially with the free shipping.

  4. Hi Tara! Do you remember me? It’s okay if you don’t, lol. I remember your domain very well. I always say “aigoo” like an old grandma. Glad to run into you again! ^^

    Anyhow, that is extremely biased of Amazon. I hope as well that they fix their supposed “glitch.” Probably got a ton of complaints to change their answer huh? Hehe.

  5. The issue made me mad… Just as I got mad when I was researching something homosexual-related (nothing indecent though) online at my high school and I realized that the sites were blocked. Why does the world keep trying to pretend that homosexuality either a) doesn’t exist or b) exists but is lewd?

  6. @Ongaku — Amazon is wonderful for me since they are the most reliable retailer for military shipping ~_~;; But their recent fail thing did piss me off, but I can’t really give up on them right now due to my circumstances.

    @Felisa — I KNOW. I wish the world would stop associating homosexuality as PORN or something of that nature! It’s really annoying and aggravating! GROWL.

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