A Much Needed Update

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Here’s a real entry that’s not . . . related to gaming (sort of). Keyword: SORT OF.

$2 Bill Came into My Possession!
Thanks to a friend, I finally got a $2 bill, something I cannot find in Korea! Whoo hoo! My mother wouldn’t give me hers, so I requested my friend to get one when he went off to Cali, and so he did. :D Of course, I showed it to my mother, and she wanted my friend to get more for our relatives. Apparently, it’s good luck to have that bill in our wallets. However, I had to tell her that my friend isn’t going back to the states any time soon, so too bad, Mother!

Riding the KTX to Gumi
I rode the KTX for the first time this past Wednesday. It wasn’t bad. It certainly was fast! $23ish bucks for a regular train ticket to Gumi, which took two hours? Not bad at all. Gumi was interesting . . . very small and boring. ~_~;; I don’t think I could live in a small city like that. No way, Jose. I’ll stick with metropolitan cities like Seoul or Tokyo.

Cate West: The Vanishing Files
I beat this game today, making me beat two games in two weeks. I’m on a gaming roll, haha! Anyway, this game wasn’t all that great. Then again, I am not the type to enjoy “Where’s Waldo” type games. It was okay. The plot was sort of decent, but it was strangely predictable. Wow.

Snack Time!
I acquired some Tim-Tams and giant strawberry Pocky! I be happy!

Okay, I think I’m still suffering from my anti-blogging mood. I have other things to do!


  1. Hm… I was wondering if that Cate West game was any good. I guess I could always rent it and try it out.

    Yay Pocky! The big Pocky is crazy and so big. I think I might prefer the small normal ones XD;; Strawberry pocky is awesome though.

  2. What! I didn’t know those are good luck! *rushes to the bank*

  3. I remember when I was young in Canada we used to have two dollar bills. I wish I had kept some! They stopped making them in lieu of the toonie coin. (Our money must sound so silly since we’ve got loonies and toonies and brightly coloured bills, hehe.)

  4. Strawberry pocky for the win! I think it’s much tastier than the chocolate kind, actually.

    Two dollar bills are actually pretty useful. Or they would be, if they still made them. I mean, just buy something off a fast food dollar menu and with tax, BAM, suddenly you’re at a dollar something. A two dollar bill means you can just whip it out and pay, but without it I have to scrounge around for some change or another dollar. Lame.

  5. Dude, where do you get $2 bills? I still live in the states… O__o I could send you some

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