The Predetermined Review: Suikoden Tierkreis

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I received my copy of Suikoden Tierkreis last Monday. I beat it today. I played about 42ish hours (in reality, I probably played over 50 hours) in nine days. I was on a rampage with this game, woot! Here’s my review of the game.

The Goods
– Roberto, Asad, Liu, Luo-tao, and other awesome characters rock my socks!
– Marica, Minen, Sophia, and Diadora are awesome female characters.
– The story itself was interesting. Quite deep for a DS RPG.
– The anime character designs were gorgeous.
– Jale/MC, Atrie/MC, Tsaubern/Busche, Liu/Luo-Tao, Sham/Taj, and MC/Roberto are practically canon. :D My yaoi-dar is happy!

The Bads
– Maybelle. UGH. She’s like this version of Nina (from Suikoden II).
– The character’s walking speed aggravated me.
– While the anime character designs were awesome, the 3-D sprites looked fugly.
– The menu interface was a bit clunky and not organised. Prime example was trying to search for your characters to buy equipments for — 90ish of them and they aren’t listed alphabetically. AUGH.
– I wished they had an option to turn the voice acting off. X_X;; Some were okay, but some where just BLARGH.
– How come no “new game +” feature?!

The Uglies
– The enemy encounter rate was ridiculous. Fans say Suikoden IV had the worst encounter rate of the series. I beg to differ. At least with Suikoden IV, you have an accessory that will prevent you from encountering low-level enemies. In ST, you just had to spam your escape button.
– The main character’s voice was hideous. He talked like he was stuck in accelerando mode almost all the time.
– Recruiting Namna pissed my brains out. I hated that . . . THING.
– THE DUNGEONS WERE AWFUL. Combined that with high encounter rate, many twists and turns, and many DEAD ENDS that had no treasure chest . . . Yeah, I nearly wanted to throw a bomb at the game designer for this annoyance.
– I wished it had some obvious connections to the main series, like recurring characters and whatnot. I missed having Viki for instant teleportation!

All in all, I was satisfied with the game despite certain flaws that made me go BUH. Now I just hope the next Suikoden game Konami brings out goes back to the main series universe, PLEASE.

Final Note
A “normal” entry (not game-related) will appear soon since I actually have stuff that had happened to me within the last week as well. :D


  1. Wow 50 hours of gaming! I no longer have the gaming stamina. I’m too much of a noob now.

  2. Felisa on

    WOW. The most complicated game I’ve ever played? Contra. On the really old nintendo.

  3. As much as I’m addicted to gaming, I can’t possibly play much of it nowadays. And 50 hours of gaming, whoaa that’s a lot.

  4. Ongaku on

    Wow, I don’t know how you gamers do it. I just have such a random attention span that everytime I try to play a game I get bored fast or I just plain suck. xD

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