New Hair Highlights

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Couple of years ago, a friend and I used to go do some spontaneous stuff to our hair. Whether it was to cut it, to dye it, to perm it, we did it. Now that friend is soon leaving Korea, so we decided to do one last hair adventure together. We did it today. She ended up with a pretty perm, and I ended up highlighting my hair. O_O;; Only thing is, though, I didn’t expect it to be that blonde. I like it, though. Sometimes my previous highlighting jobs turned out shitty; the contrast was the absolute crap, but this one is not the case.

Yay for the new hair colour. This really wasn’t bad for $37. It’s worth it. :D


  1. Looking good in your new hairstyle, I love the fresh highlight too. Glad to know that you’re happy with the end result. I seldom experiment with my hair and it’s been ages since I last changed my hairstyle as I’m quite used to it.

  2. Wow, nice highlights!! Now I feel like doing something with my hair….

  3. I love the color of your highlights! I think it turned out great =) This reminds me that I should re-color my hair some time XD;;

  4. I like it! It looks great and not overdone (some people overdo highlights)
    This makes me miss being creative with my hair. I was thinking of not dyeing it for a year!

  5. Kimberly on

    I wish I could do something fun with my hair. I actually wanted to dye it natural red but apparently that color doesn’t stick with people who have hair colors as dark as mine. XD

  6. Wow, the highlights look great on you! My hair is so super dark I’d probably have to bleach it before I could get any other colour on it. People often ask if I’d dyed my hair black! :o

  7. wow your hair is sooo long! the highlights look really nice and for under $40, that’s awesome!

    it’s actually autumn now in melbourne :( i want it go back to summer. but at the same time the weather has been acting really funny and we have days which seem like we’re in summer again and days where it should be in the middle of winter 0_0

  8. I’m always tempted to dye my hair but then I remember the price and how fast it would grow out and I’m like.. nah

  9. I’m thinking of getting highlights too this summer but I usually get a dark ash brown base with white blond highlights… I think that’s getting kinda played out though so I’m hoping to do more subtle highlights.. or just light brown with white blond highlights so there isn’t that much contrast.

  10. Wai! Your hair looks very nice. I dyed my hair back in November 2008, but I had the same problem; I picked a brown and it came out more blonde, like the colour you have. I also had red highlights added, but it’s a very dark red that doesn’t show unless it’s under a lot of light. Still, it looks good and I got lots of people talking about it for a couple of days. And for $37!? That’s a deal!

  11. You look really nice with the highlights! The colors really suit your skin tone! $37 is a really good deal!

    After bleaching my hair for 5 years consecutively, I’ve stopped dying my hair altogether. It’s way too damaged haha. B

  12. Whoaaaa, your hair is so long and gorgeous! For some reason I always imagined that you had shoulder-length hair, hehe. Not sure why! XD Ack, I love the shape of your hair with its flippiness at the ends! The colour looks great too! :D

  13. You look so cute!! Love your hair and the new highlights! So pretty! I’ve never done anything fancy with my hair but you’ve inspired me to! Lotsa luv~~

  14. i love ur highlights.. it kinda looks like me from the back.. theyre are like mine.. lol.. but i need to get them re done.. where do you live where did you go? only $37 i need that deal.. let me know asap pleeeaasseee…. i live in NY

  15. hi i love your highlights.. kinda looks like my hair from the back.. where did u get them done? where do u live? im in NY i need to get mine redone but always nervous of who touches my hair.. please let me know asappppp….

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