Computer Issues Drive Me Nuts!

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About a week after I posted that everything was fine and dandy with Provo, I discovered that was not that the case at all. My slave drive, Pillar, ended up being the culprit. My friend took it out and we both went back to the place I had my computer built. I told the customer service people there that the hard drive suffered from failure, and they gave me a new one with no drama.

Today, my friend installed it in the computer, and I decided to name the bugger DFMA = Don’t Fail Me Arsehole!

Really, if I have one more computer issue, I will seriously suffer from an aneurysm and curse the all mighty deities of whatever religion to the Andromeda galaxy and make them stay there.

Actually, I really hope I don’t have any more problems. The computer dudes told me that if this hard drive gives me problem, then I should lug Provo the Monster back to them. Ugh. I hope it doesn’t come to that point!


  1. Aww, I hope Provo will remain stable!

  2. Maybe your computers don’t like you calling them names. That might explain why they always malfunction. Their feelings are very sensitive! :P

  3. Cynthia on

    Aiyaaaah! That’s why you should build your own computer so you know what’s wrong. @_@ It’s good experience.

  4. Wow.. computers can be such a b*tch. I’m still trying to figure out why my main computer’s monitor shakes from time to time… especially if there are lines on the webpages background.

  5. *fingers cross* Seriously, computer problems are such a pain.

  6. Imdolien on

    Haha, I name my technology too. The only thing that didn’t get named was my old Toshiba which died on me suddenly during Finals (!). It didn’t deserve a name after THAT stunt. But technology generally seems to revolt after some point. Like now my laptop is refusing to acknowledge the BUILT-IN webcam and wireless card. And of course this happened the week after the warrantee expired.
    I hope yours sticks it out though. “Don’t Fail Me Arsehole!” might just have to be my motto for mine :P

  7. @Felisa: Hey I named it previously Pillar! That wasn’t a bad name. :P So it has no excuse to rebel against me for naming it something bad. XD

    @Cynthia: I would fail at building my own computer. X_X;; I suck at hardware.

    @Ongaku: Hm, I have no idea why your monitor does that . . .

    @Imodlien: DFMA is definitely my motto for my PC. :D And wow, that sucks about your Toshiba!

  8. Kwang Lee on

    When I was working for this one company, there were computer issues every time there was an update in a software program. Everybody soon caught on and we would always expect something awry whenever an update was announced.

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