Provo was Pissed Drunk!

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I really should have named Provo either “Schizo” or “Bipo” (short for Bipolar). Then again, maybe I should rename it to “Drunkard”. Let me back up a bit. After I came back from the PC Bang (cyber cafe), I tried to load the OS again on the computer, and it worked, but my slave drive still wouldn’t be recognised by the motherboard. I just proceeded to just go on the net and whatnot, and then last night it automatically restarted itself after it downloaded some updates for the anti-virus programme.

My friend, J, came. Before she looked inside it, I checked to see if I could access the slave drive and this time it worked. But we still looked inside, and after she came to the conclusion that nothing was wrong, I restarted the computer twice with no problems. We then deduced to a possibility on Provo’s sudden illness.

However, to make the diagnosis funnier, another one of my friend gave me the perfect analogy for it. Simply put, the day the problem started, there was this TINY flickering of some sort that indicated an electrical surge or something. It was because of that surge or whatever, my music player just died and didn’t give me any sound. What was it? I dunno, but I say this: Provo decided to start drinking some alcohol, and that flicker was when it started.

That was around four p.m., and by the time it was three in the morning, it was pissed drunk. The next two hours, I practically had a bar fight with Provo and nursed it by backing up my files until five in the morning, to which it finally passed out from its escapade. From then until this morning, it apparently suffered from a massive hangover. Now, it miraculously healed from its demise (that weird electrical surge) and is working normally. I hope.

Dammit, Provo, don’t go drinking and don’t anger me (your surrogate mother) again!


  1. Wow, that’s weird that it magically fixed itself. I would back up your stuff just incase it happens again XD;; Glad to know that it’s back to normal! (And sober, lol)

  2. LMAO! Gawd, you are just having the crappiest luck with Provo. xD Drinking is very bad Provo, naughty Provo. haha xD

  3. Tsk tsk… Two words: Alcoholics Anonymous. Your Psycho Provo needs it!

  4. Lol, what a weird computer.

  5. Weird, but nice to know that your computer is back to normal, good for you. It will be a great relief for me if my PC revive itself after it crashes. ^0^

  6. Looooost in a sea of technical computer jargon… drowning…

    I read this about two times and I still don’t get it. I am just not good with computers!

  7. @Tiff — HAHAHAHA. Don’t worry. This is as far as my knowledge in hardware goes. Anything more complex, I get lost, so I completely understand your confusion. ^^;;

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