Epistolary Entry: It’s Only Been a Month!

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First Letter
Dear Provo,

I still love you as a whole.

Love, TC

Second Letter
Dear Palindrome,

As a master drive, you could at least load me the OS even if Pillar had kaputed. Or wait. Are you the culprit? Very suspicious.

Love, Cranky TC

Third Letter
Dear Pillar,

You totally failed me. As a slave drive where I keep all my files, why the hell did you decide to be a bloody twit and not cooperate with Palindrome? I don’t know what the hell’s your problem, but you better have 1) a wiring problem or 2) be extremely dead so I can go hunt down those people who built my computer for giving me a faulty hard disk in the first place.

If you aren’t the culprit, then you have my forgiveness. However, all the evidences point to you, dear Pillar. I should have never named you what I did. You were most aptly not deserving for that title. Some pillar you turned out to be. A crappy foundation you are! The Leaning Tower of Pisa has more support than you!

Bugger off, Furious TC

Fourth Letter
Dear Korean PC Bangs (Cyber Cafes),

Thank you for being so cheap (60 cents an hour!) and so close to my house to give me the opportunity to rant and rave like the infuriated person I’ve become since this morning at 3:00 am. I apologise deeply for abusing the keyboard with anger, but after the hell I went through this morning and only surviving the whole day with four hours of sleep, I think I have the right to express my anger at this entire situation.

With gratitude, Relieved TC.

Fifth Letter
Dear Readers and Loyal Followers of the Aigoo Court,

I will still be around, but barely since my royal tech support will not come help me figure this situation out until Wednesday evening. Until then, I will continually curse my lovely head off at Provo’s drives. Along with my prodigal expletives, I may as well catch up on my mangas, even if I’m desperately in the mood to read Harry Potter fanfictions more than anything else right now. I just need to tell myself to wait. ~_~;;

In the meantime, my commenting on LJ and blogs will be limited, as well as my internet activities. I hope to sort this bloody mess out by this weekend at the latest since I have stuff to do by Sunday. Stuff like writing blog entries and doing Capriccio’s monthly update; otherwise, I will hold off on those until Provo’s functioning again.

With apologies, Humble (but still upset) TC

P.S. — Really, though, as a brand spanking new computer, this should not happen! AUGH! !@#$!@#$!@#$


  1. Hahahaha I probably shouldn’t be laughing at your misfortune but I couldn’t help myself.
    It’s okay… that has definitely happened to me. We don’t have Cyber Cafes here (not that I know of anyway) but one time, my PC crashed and I had to go to the library to check my email. I was hitting the keys so hard, my blog post (which was when I still had xanga) had so many double letters in it. “I haate my stuppid computer. It’s sole purposse is to work but it doesn’tt want to do that!!!”

  2. @ Felisa — HAHAHA. I don’t mind that you laugh. :D While I was upset typing this, I also wanted to add some “humour” to the whole thing because I realise I become more eloquent (aka poncey) with my snarky comments. And wow, you must have typed really hard to get double letters. I must not have typed hard enough to achieve that. XD

  3. X_X Damn… that is a major drag. It’s good to see the humor in all this though, or, well not so much see the humor, but make it somewhat funny. xD Hopefully thing will get straightened out soon.

  4. Really sorry to hear about your misfortune, I really admire your humorous approach with this entry even in such a bad mood. I would be very annoyed if my computer crashes when I’m working on my projects, not to mention a brand new PC. Hope everything will turn turn out alright. ^0^

  5. Aww I’m sorry you’re having computer problems. I would go crazy if my computer stops working!

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